Copying a Google Image


I am trying to make a macro that would let me copy an image from google images.

I am totally new to KM and would like help.


I made the macro and what basically it does is it will right click and get the cursor to "copy image" field but doesn't click on it resulting in the image not getting copied.

Hi Sam (@SanctiTigris), welcome!

Your best approach is to do the right click but not try to click on the copy image menu item. Instead, after the right click use a Type Text action which will do what you want. Here’s a link to another thread in this forum that explains it well...

Away from my Mac so can’t show you myself. Hope that’s helpful.


Oh thanks a lot! @tiffle. I see now how the type text works. Is there any large guide for Keyboard Maestro anywhere? Would love to have an idea of some complex stuff.

Currently creating macros depending on the "move or click mouse" and "pause" commands. Any help would be appreciated.

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Have a look here:

When I was on Windows all of the automation tools I used depended on using mouse and keyboard and “screen scraping” (many moons ago). So when I came to Mac and discovered KM that was how I used it mostly - just like you now. But as you get more familiar with the variety and power of KM’s actions, and read here in the forum about what other users are doing and how they are solving their problems, you’ll become more adept at achieving some very complex tasks with KM. And of course when you get stuck there’s alway this brilliant forum and the users who help out here and also the extensive KM wiki.

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Thank you!

Btw how do I use the macro "Move selected files to desktop" since it has something along the lines of "macro will be listed in the status menu etc" I didn't get that part.

Sorry mate, I don’t know every macro that exists! Give me a link to it or tell me where I can find it and I’ll have a look.

Hey Sam,

Welcome to the forum!   :smile:

The Keyboard Maestro Status Menu is KM's menu bar menu, so the trigger for that macro will be selectable from that menu.

You can easily change the trigger to something else.



Thank you!