Dashes in Macro Name Changed after Upgrading to Montery

Hi @peternlewis,

I've noticed that after upgrading to Montery, the short dashes that were created with @DanThomas's amazing MACRO: Palette Organizer v1.2 (updated) have become much longer.

Before the updates, the dash lines were about the width of the macro names, but now, it is more than 3x longer. See:

It looks like the short dashes - (- - Hyphen-Minus: U+002D - Unicode Character Table) are changed to long ones (⎯ - Horizontal Line Extension: U+23AF - Unicode Character Table).

Interesting - thanks for sharing.

I'm sure you already know this, but just to be thorough: Fortunately they're just characters, and you can change them anytime you want. Palette Organizer just uses the last character you used. I think. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @martin for the heads up! I was just using this macro this morning to reorganize a couple of macro groups and couldn’t help but think how amazing it is. I would freak out if it stopped working for some reason. :laughing:

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Thanks, Dan.
Yes, I know it. It’s interesting that the dashes in the existing macros changed. I will have to go through each macro group and make changes. I don’t know if there are other changes, but I thought this one is worth reporting to Peter. I have no clue why this would happen.

Cool. And I agree - no idea what changed.

I very much doubt the dashes in the macro have changed. I expect it is some weird display issue, maybe they changed the font, or maybe the display is doing something “clever” like interpreting two hyphens as an em-dash or some other thing.

If you edit the macro, then the system might when you enter the field apply some changes (like it does with curly quotes and such if you are not careful). But other than that, the macro wont change.

I also suspect it is a display issue.
The dashes also look nicer in the macro re-ordering window of Dan's macro:

But in the KM Editor and the macro palette, there are overlaps between dashes:


Is there anyway to get around this display issue?

There's lots of dash-like characters, including emojis. Just try out a few until you find something that works.