Does screenvisible/screenindex miss the screen when an app runs fullscreen?

Referring to this topic: Display a usesr prompt on a SPECIFIC screen where there are multiple screens

It works as intended i.e. prompts etc are shown on the main screen if targeted with screenvisible/screenindex, as long as apps don´t take up the fullscreen.

BUT when I run apps (eg Preview) in fullscreen mode, then the prompts show up again on secondary screen, even if I try to target the main screen.

I went through all indices (from 0 to 2), tried the "Mouse" argument in SCREENVISIBLE, Front, etc.

When Preview is the front window and runs in fullscreen mode, the prompts, alerts etc always show on the secondary screen.

Is there a way to fix the screen on which they show to the main screen even if an app runs in fullscreen (and thus the menu bar is hidden, which I assume is the problem?)?

I don't believe the SCREENVISIBLE or other functions change when an app is in full screen, but you probably can't place a window above a full screen app, so likely the system is just ignoring the location and putting it somewhere else.

Create a specific macro that shows the issue and I can possibly give more specific answers.

Thanks for your reply. Here is a test macro for my usecase:

Just to show what I am trying:

Two screens setup, e.g. Preview app in fullscreen mode on the main screen, some other app on the secondary (not fullscreen), call a KM script which prompts the user for some input before it proceeds with next actions.

That prompt always gets shown first on the secondary screen.

I can get it to my main screen with a different script, searching a screencapture and using mouse actions, but that´s very hacky.

Is there a way to show the prompt directly on the main screen even if app is in fullscreen?.

The Prompt for User Input window is not a Keyboard Maestro (editor) window.

So your actions will not do anything except maybe move around the editor window.

You need to use the Set Next Engine Window Position action. Maybe that will work, maybe not, I'm not sure, Full Screen mode does interesting things.

Yeah, in my trials it doesn't work, because it wont place the window over the full screen window. Even though you can drag it there afterwards, you can't use accessibility to move it there.

Full Screen mode is weird.

That makes sense now, ofc.

Unfortunately, I´m still stuck on macos 10.11 (el cap) for some legacy software reason and hence can´t run KM 10 and up and it looks "Set Next Engine Window Position" was added from KM 10 on up.

Looking to finally make the upgrade this year though so will keep this on my list.

Thanks for the feedback!