Don't Know How to Debug This Error

Since today, I get this error every x minutes. But I'm unsure which KM macro is causing this. When I sort my macros based on last use, I only see macros that I executed myself. So my question is, what is the best way to debug this?

First step is to check the KM Engine log

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After checking the Engine log, as @cfriend suggests, go looking in the Editor for an "Execute a Shell Script" action that includes a call to defaults -- you could even try selecting the "All macros" group and searching for "defaults read" and then "defaults write" (and hope you aren't calling it via a script file!).

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The absolute first thing to try when an error occurs is to switch to the Keyboard Maestro Editor using the System UI (NOT a macro), and activate this menu item:


The next thing to try is:

After that it's time to look at the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log file.

I use the macro @cfriend references above myself (since I wrote it), but some people prefer @JMichaelTX's Display Last KM Error macro.


Cool! Never seen this before. Thank you.