"Execute a Keystroke" for the SHIFT Key?

Is there a way to "Simulate a Keystroke" for the SHIFT Key? I see other keys in this KBM action, but not the SHIFT key.

Thanks for your help!

Why would you want that?

Thanks for the reply.

I use the shift key to perform certain tasks with some graphics software. For instance, in Clip Studio Paint I can use draw straight lines to select multiple layers when I press the SHIFT key on my keyboard.

I just got the elgato Stream deck and the software doesn't support the shift key by itself, but I can assign an action from KBM to a button on my stream deck. I was hoping that by simulating the SHIFT key with KBM and assign it to a button on my stream deck, that would solve my problem.

I already tested it with the other available keys on the "Simulate a Keystroke" action in KBM and they work well with the stream deck. I just need to figure out a way to do this with the SHIFT key which is not available in the pulldown menu ( see the image attached. )

What about using this action?

KM Test 3 CleanShot 2020-07-10 at 18.04.19

and read the wiki page.

I am new to KBM. I though a modifier was supposed to be used in conjunction with another key, but I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well, you said you draw straight lines using the shift key which is obviously not the case: you presumably use the shift key in combination with something else - I guess the mouse and one of its keys? But you didn’t say that so I’m just giving you the answer (hopefully) to your question :crossed_fingers:

Keep us posted on how you get on.

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Yes, I forgot to mention that I use the pen with my digital tablet to draw while holding the shift key if I need a straight line. Good point. But that's not the only thing I do with the shift key. The shift key is very handy for many things.

I will keep you posted with my progress.

Thanks for jumping in to help me.

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I can't get it to work so far. :frowning_face:

There are all sorts of questions I could ask you to progress this, but the best way to move forward I think is for you to look at Tip: How Do I Get The Best Answer in the Shortest Time?


i use Karabiner to make al my modifiers (Left/Right Command, L/R Option, L/R Shift, Capslock) send out F12-F20 when pressed and released and behave like ordinary modifiers when pressed down.

Then you can use the Function keys in Keyboard Maestro as a trigger.

I have used this setup for years now.
You will have to find the personal settings for timing in Karabiner but it works flawless.

Pressing my left option key once will trigger the KM global palette

Pressing Caps lock will send out F13 which triggers Alfred.

To give a few examples.

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How do you do this?

tpj2018, I see you understand what I am trying to do. Nice suggestion. I like the idea of using Karabiner. I have to look into this.
How would you apply this to the *Simulating a Keystroke" to be the SHIFT Key?


Keyboard Maestro’s simulated modifiers only apply to other simulated events - real events (such as clicking the mouse) will have their own real modifiers associated with them.

Keyboard Maestro cannot generally be used as a way of simulating the behaviour of a modifier key, or for remapping the modifier keys or such tasks. A lower level program like Karabiner Elements is more suited to such a task.

Hi peternlewis,
Thanks for your comments.

I have a key on my Streamdeck device that can execute a KBM macro by assigning that KBM macro to that button on the Streamdeck. I just need that Streamdeck button to behave like the SHIFT Key on my keyboard.
In other words, if I hold that button on my Streamdeck and keep holding it, I need it to behave the same way it does when I press and hold the SHIFT key on my computer keyboard.
If I let go, it would be like letting go of the SHIFT key on my computer keyboard.

How can I accomplish this using Karabiner Elements?

I do not think that is possible because the Karabiner Elements EventViewer does not recognize StreamDeck buttons.

You might consider having the Streamdeck button set off a KM macro, then have the KM macro detect whether a modifier button on the keyboard is pressed - based on that the KM Macro can proceed accordingly.

Or you could use a keyboard or mouse with programmable macro buttons instead of the StreamDeck.

Or you could use the Logitech Farm Sim device Logitech Heavy Equipment Side Panel -- The ultimate customized USB input device? instead of the StreamDeck.

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I am trying to have all my common keys on the Streamdeck to avoid going to the keyboard when I am working on some apps. On my image at the beginning of this post, the "Simulate Keystroke* in KBM would be perfect for this, but it doesn't let me pick the SHIFT key as an option. I am very surprise that option is not there.

Maybe there's another app or utility that I need to look into to accomplish this.

Thanks for your comments!

Hammerspoon might be able to pull this off. I scanned the docs and didn't see anything right off, but it's worth a look

That would be a question for the Karabiner Elements developer, although I suspect it is not possible.

I misundertood your question a bit.
So you want the streamdeck button to behave like shift.

Streamdeck button down ( press ) = shift down
Stream deck button up ( release ) =shift up
That will not work in Karabiner but it will work in Controllermate as long as CM sees a button down and up event from a Streamdeck button.

If yes its not very hard to build this behaviour in Controllermate.

You always have to be careful playing with modifier down presses. You have to create your own safety net within Controllermate.
For example. If escape is hold down for 3 seconds. Disable Controllermate Helper. Thats always a good start.

It has a free trial so you can test it.
This will explain about the safety net and working with key up/down events.

This example shows how to do a shift + click. If you remove the mouse click part from this example you have exactly what you want to do.