Found Image Not Working, Alternative Solution or Fix?


I'm on the trial version of Keyboard Maestro and on the fence if I should buy it, as through my testing I can't get it to do what I want. I'm trying to create a macro where it targets a image, when I take a screenshot and add it to click found image, I get this error message all the time


Heres the following action.

Is there a fix to this or a way to reliability get the action to click a certain item on my screen? I've tried to click on a specific location on my screen, but that one doesn't click what I want reliability and things can change and give issues down the road.

I really would like to get a full license. Just this is getting in the way of actually making a workflow that works for me.

Hope someone can help thanks.

Hey @swiigs,

What version of macOS are you using?

What application are you trying to use the action in?

What exactly are you trying to click?

Please answer these questions.

Then review Found Image in the Keyboard Maestro Wiki.

I you're using Big Sur then please see this:


Also, double check the Fuzziness, try to reduce it,

Hi @ccstone
I'm on Catalina latest version

I'm trying to map shortcuts to in Davinci Resolve

It's the media pool tab, trying to get a specific folder to click. It seems like it's not picking up because there's not a lot of contrast. I've tried best, more or less fuzzy all didn't work.

I did a test on chrome, my desktop images and it seems to work. So I guess that function works, but maybe not everything.

For example, I tried to screenshot only the Screen Recording portion but, I guess everything kinda looks the same to keyboard maestro because the background everything is that color and it doesn't pick it up.

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 4.56.14 PM

In situations like this what I would do is get KM to find the image of “Favorites” and then move and click x pixels below that, where “x” represents the number of pixels that “Screen Recording” is below “Favorites”.

In other words, you’re detecting the part with good contrast (“Favorites”) and then using KM to move and click relative to that found image.

I hope that’s clear as I’m nowhere near my Mac and won’t be now until tomorrow.

Ok I've done that option in my other macro and that work, I just find it not reliable for the future when I add and remove things, I might as well use the position mouse location. Plus "favorites is pretty much the same background color and text style.

Ok - I don’t know Davinci so I didn’t know that the Favorites would be changing. Tough. Good to know it does work though - light text on a dark background is easy for KM.

The favorites won't be moving but the folders down might be when I add new ones. So I guess the only options for getting a specific thing on the screen to click is by image, mouse position? New to KM so just trying to understand the possibilities and limitations.

I have same problem. Could you tell me how you fix it?

Hey Theodore,

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Same problem as what?

Please provide more details, a sample macro and any screenshots that may demonstrate the problem.

If you haven't read this it's worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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Make sure the image is visible on your screen (you may to "Pause Until..." it is there) and make sure there is only one -- you'll have to play with the settings or restrict the area you are looking for the image in if there are multiple.

Just a very simple macro, I test many time.

Rule of the thumb with found images:

Make darn sure your macro is working by adding a notification or system beep. You can disable that after ensuring the macro is working properly in the correct context.

  • Always test with a Hotkey Trigger.
  • Always hide the Keyboard Maestro Editor when testing.
    • KM can see the image contained in it's own image well.
  • Adjust the search scope if you can as appropriate.
    • Main Screen, Front Window, Etcetera.
  • Adjust the fuzz factor as needed.

When taking your image for use in the Keyboard Maestro Editor:

  • Use the system screenshot tool 4.
    • Select with to save to the Clipboard and very importantly remove the shadow macOS adds to screenshots.
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