“Get all Mail info from Tokens” Macro

Keyboard Maestro “Get all Mail info from Tokens” Macro

This macro creates a range of variables from an email highlighted in Apple's Mail programme.

It also makes an effort to derive certain values where necessary, such as a sender's first name, family name and organization.

I use this in association with my "multifunction paste" macro, also published here: A multifunction paste macro (for clipboards, mail variables, case changes, URLs)

Get all Mail info from Tokens.kmmacros (19 KB)


Is this still working?
What is the original setup for the mail to copy? Can it be email selected in the list of emails or must it be an open email?

Each time I trigger the get tokens macro the email is deleted and putting the cursor in the body of a new mail does nothing when the multifunction paste macro is evoked.

Thanks for your input :smiley:


I don’t use or update this macro any more. Have you tried this one? Keyboard Maestro “Extract FirstName, FamilyName, Organization and email from sender” Macro

Maybe you could hack it a little further