Help creating complicated copy and paste processes?

I'm trying to copy data from 2-7 web pages at a time and past the data into a google spreadsheet. Each webpage has 10 pieces of text that need to be copied and the data from each webpage needs to be pasted in a separate row. Sometimes some data isn't there and if so it needs to skip that cell when pasting.

I've already created 2 macros, one for copying the data of an individual webpage and one for pasting the data of an individual webpage. I'm currently doing this with named clipboards but I saw someone comment on a similar question that this isn't the most efficient way to do it.

Goal I'm trying to improve this process so that I can go in and hit copy for each webpage and then go into spreadsheets and paste all 7 pages at once, instead of going back and forth and individually copying and pasting each one.

If I had to do this for exactly 7 webpages every time the process of expanding both macros I've already created would be simple but since it will be a different number of webpages each time it's past my current knowledge of the program.

You might take a look at this pair of macros to see if the pattern and technique is of use to you.
It works by using two macros:

  1. Copy in the order you want
  2. Paste in the order copied

It does not use any particular app, but relies on the user to switch to their target app before triggering macro #2. Of course, you could combine these two macros in a number of ways, including calling each of them in a Execute a Macro action, as what I call a "sub-macro".

MACROS: Copy and Paste In Order Copied

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks! This looks like it will be very helpful, still researching into this more and likely will have a few questions after I educate myself more.

In the meantime I noticed you're the same man who created this macro set Macro Set: Toggle Between Browser Tabs which has been incredibly helpful to me.

One question, everytime i x out of a browser, i get notified that the background macro was cancelled. Is there anyway to hide this

I’m not seeing that notification. You could use the KM Debugger to step through the macros to identify which Action is causing the issue, and then develop a workaround.