Hours Saved by Keyboard Maestro

I posted a similar screenshot on Twitter showing 42 hours as my time saved, but then when I checked my MacBook Air, I saw this:

I'm curious to know what other people's "Time Saved" amount is.

You don't have to post a screenshot, unless you're claiming some absurdly high number, I suppose. :slight_smile:


Similar thread was posted 2 years ago

Mine was reset at some point.


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Mine says "55 years saved." And I'm not sure if that was reset 3 years ago when I bought this computer.

I'm aiming for a million years saved.


Mine is at 278 years saved, and that's just on this machine... Wonder what my work machine says.

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Mine says 70 years.



I know! feeble isn't it: but I love the app and what I have on it and those few things I use it for really saves me a kind of irritiation doing it the slow way, worth it for me. I am going to use it more now I understand it better and have some idea about variables: thanks David Sparks!


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I am still a beginner :wink:

However, I don't know if the time saved with a sync will be preserved, since I also perform a clean install every year with a new macOS version.


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I was actually thinking I should have Keyboard Maestro report the time saved back to the server, and then I could have one of those lovely live running tallies of how much cumulative time has been saved on the home page. But it quickly became apparent that there are so many folks who have such huge numbers in their time saved that the number would be insanely big. Would have been fun tho.

How is the time saved actually calculated? I've always been curious (especially since I'm at 278 years). Does each action have a little hidden amount of time-saved associated with it?

Yes. It's very simple, and not very accurate - it is meant as fun, nothing more (although it is mentioned in the nag to purchase when the trial ends). Each action that runs has some amount of time saved guessed for it, which might vary depending on what it does.

Which means you could create a macro that did nothing a lot, like say:

  • Repeat 100000 times
    • Set Variable X to “hello”

And Keyboard Maestro would “save” you a lot of time.

Clearly there are lots of actions that give too much timed saved, since it is farcical to think that Keyboard Maestro has saved anyone 278 years.

Oh yeah that'd totally do it. I have a few that are set up to just... click the mouse anywhere from 10-100-1000 times. Sometimes an app is dumb and just really, really wants me to click and approve a thousand messages about annoying things!

So maybe not 278 years but probably saved me a few instances of ten minutes of mind-numbing clicking in the same place!

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This doesn’t actually seem insanely high to me. OTOH, I love what it implies about my life expectancy! :wink:


[Ouch! Sorry it’s so big! Anyone know why?]

I should write a macro that keeps track of the time is spend making macro's.... :slight_smile:


Finally a good reason to consider Cryonics. I mean, to not give up the hard-won KM-savings times :wink:
(Just make sure the KM Application Support folder and the prefs file are in the box with you.)

But as said already there, the count is of no worth without the spent time :wink:

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