How do I replace my Macro Library with another version?

The documentation says I can sync the Macros on one computer with another, but I don't want to do that, because I don't want changes on my secondary device to affect my primary. I just want to replace the Macro library on my secondary device with the one from my primary.

On my primary, I exported the entire Macro library by clicking on "All Macros", ensuring no individual Macro was highlighted, and then doing File/Export/Export as Macro Library, which created "Examples and Other Macros.kmlibrary". I then saved that to my secondary. But when I import it to my secondary, a lot of Macros are now duplicated, so I reverted.

I don't believe there's a way to "Import Macros, overwriting any on the existing device that are activated with the same Hot Key". So barring that, how do I update my secondary's Macro library to match Examples and Other Macros.kmlibrary, instead of adding Examples and Other Macros.kmlibrary to my secondary's Macro library?

Is there no way to do this other than by syncing? If so, I suppose I could sync them and then turn off the sync.

@peternlewis suggested a simple way to do what you want. Setup a one-way sync so that the primary computer syncs to one (primary.kmsync) file then the second mac syncs to another (secondary.kmsync) file. Then when you want to update the second machine, just copy the primary.kmsync file over to the secondary.kmsync file. I created a macro in the following thread that does this. I have it launch whenever KBM launches.

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Or, if I didn't care about continous syncing, then I could just follow the steps in Zabobon's sync instructions (I used Dropbox for the sync) and then, as Peter indicates below, turn off the sync on both devices. [I took the added step of deleting the sync file from Dropbox.]

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Exporting your macro library will not get you a kmsync file.

kmsync files and macro export files are not interchangeable.

You would have to start syncing, save the new file to Dropbox, and then stop syncing.

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Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. I'll edit my original post for anyone who reads this thread subsequently.