How Do I Replace Text with Number using RegEx?


I have a text and I would like to do the following replacements:
januari -> 01
februari -> 02

Is it possible to do this with 1 regex find replace block?

This is what I came up with so far but that doesn't work:

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@nrgiser, I hope you don't mind that I have revised your topic title to better reflect the question you have asked.

Use regular expressions to replace multiple groups with multiple texts

How Do I get the Month Number for the Month Name?

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Hi JmichaelTX,

There are many solutions for this. Javascript is one of them. I currently have a simple Switch block to replace the month name to a number. But to solve it more elegantly, I'm trying to do it with 1 regex expression.

Hi JmichaelTX,

Please leave the title since I'm looking for a regex solution. The month name to month number is just an example. It could also be
potatoes -> 1
vegetables -> 2

My apologies for revising the Topic Title with incorrect text. Your OP seemed to indicate you were trying to replace month name, but now with you last post I see you are simply look to replace any arbitrary text with a number.

So, I have revised the Topic Title again. Feel free to change if this does not accurately reflect your request.

Now that you have clarified your objective, I can provide a better solution. I have moved my prior post to a new topic. I'll post back soon with another solution.

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Thi is a place where a dictionary can work well. Set up the dictionary mapping, and then do a search and replace, and the replacement value can read from the dictionary.

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I have just moved the solution/macro I posted earlier to a new topic. You can find it here:

MACRO: Replace Text with Numbers; OR, Lookup Data Using RegEx [Example]

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