KM 9 and Stream Deck Triggers

So the new KM plugin for the Stream Deck can be triggered by the button ID which includes the button's virtual row and virtual column. However, if I have multiple folders containing different buttons but in the same virtual location, KM won't differentiate between the two (or more).
So it seems that KM's integration with the stream deck is based on the physical key position rather than making a unique identifier to each button.
Which to me seems kinda of missing the point of the Stream Deck.

Do you think this is something that can be fixed in a later update?

You can set the virtual key row and column to any number in the range 1-999.

So each button in each folder can have a different virtual position.

My Bad!!
Problem solved!

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Each button has a virtual row and column. But the same virtual buttons can be used within more Profiles.
It would be nice if we can also set a virtual profile. Let me explain.

I have two 15button devices.
the first unit has 3 rows and 5 columns.
KM cannot see the difference between unit one and two, so on the second unit i do as if it is a new column. So, the top left button on my second SD unit is virtual row 1 and virtual column 6.

Now, each unit can have folders. I make virtual rows as if the rows are below. So, if i press the lower left button on my first unit, it will be virtual row 6 and virtual column 1.

Like this:

So far so good.
But now; if i switch to another profile, i have to even add more virtual numbers to differentiate between the keys. Yes, i could add 100 to a row or column number but things are getting complicated this way.
Now we have RxCx as key identifier, can we have a profile too? Like RxCxPx? (Row,Column,Profile)

I may try to do something different at some point, but currently, no, you have a row & column, there isn;t scope for another id.

Ok. Thank you for the reply.
Have to find a numbering method that i can understand myself. :slight_smile: