KM and Sonoma

Hi all...
Please, anyone could confirm if KM is not running under Sonoma beta 1?

Thank you!

I have one report of issues with Sonoma, but there are hundreds of people already using Keyboard Maestro without reported issues, including several posts on the forum.

So currently I have no reason to believe there are any issues with Keyboard Maestro on Sonoma in general, and more likely the reported issue is with the particular user, but the jury is still out as Sonoma is still very new.

I have not tested Keyboard Maestro on Sonoma and likely wont while it remains in beta unless I hear of issues.

Thank you!!

Unfortunately KM is not running here. It tries to open but quits after a while without doing anything. Already reinstalled it, but no joy :frowning:

It's best to contact support for such issues.

for me it runs mostly ok except when using macros to move & resize windows.
for instance, I have macros to move windows to some specific locations on screen with one key. now on Sonoma I have to use the same keystroke 4 or 5 times to move the windows because for each keystroke the window move a like bit at a time, very weird

I'm seeing an issue with the show/select menu item, I have a couple different applications where I have it select a menu item, but it doesn't seem to work correctly. In one case where it's supposed to show a sub menu it just opens the top level menu from the menu bar but doesn't open or select the sub-menu. In another case where I have it selecting a specific sub-menu item in Mail to file to a folder, it won't work, but if I step through it in debug it works, so I'm assuming there must be some timing element to it, it seems like I can make it work if I break down the show/select action to each layer of the menu as a separate action.

I have the same issue as @naven87 in macOS 14 PB 5:
In I want to open 'Message'>'Move to' which used to open and display this submenu so I can start writing to search for a folder in the list.
In Sonoma it only opens the first menu and highlights the "Move to" item without opening it. Then I get a -5620 error in the notification center.

As a workaround it helps to trigger a Ctrl+F2 keystroke to set the focus to the menu bar first.