KM Stopped Working Under Ventura

At some point under one of the developer betas of Ventura, Keyboard Maestro macros stopped working when activated from Stream Deck.

Other Stream Deck actions work fine, so I don't think the problem is with the Stream Deck app.

Ventura's system settings are radically different from those of previous systems...

Has something changed in a setting or permission that would affect Keyboard Maestro?

The KM macros work when activated FROM the KM app, but I can't activate them at all from any other app or with any function key.

Any ideas?


Tried reselecting the apps?



Start by trying the Interactive Help (Choose Interactive Help from the Help menu) and clicking the Something expected is not happening and follow the instructions there and see what you can learn.


Turns out that the macro group had been disabled. Don't know how it got disabled, but enabling it brought the macros back to life!

That's quite the Interactive Help feature. Clear and comprehensive advice. Thanks for that suggestion, Peter!


Take note.

Checking whether a macro and its parent macro group are enabled is troubleshooting 101 for Keyboard Maestro.

This one bites everyone sooner or later, and it comes back to haunt you if you're not paying attention.


Even those of us who have been using KM for a long time. Like me. A couple of days ago.