(KM10) Macros Not Backed Up for Several Weeks


I noticed that my macros haven’t been backed up for a week or two.

The newest revision in my “Revert Macros” menu is November 6, 2021 except “At Editor Launch” and “Before Last Sync”, and it’s November 19 today.

I think November 6 could be the day I updated KM to version 10.

When I look into my Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Revisions Version 10/, I find 2021_11_06.plist although strangely (?) the file is updated a few hours ago the file is updated on Nov 16.

I also have daily backups from 2021_10_29 to 2021_11_05 in that folder and they seem to be made (updated) on the days the file names show.

How can I fix this? My macOS version is 10.14.6 Mojave.

Hey @ewos,

Quit and restart the Keyboard Maestro Editor and the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

You might as well reboot too if you haven't already.


Thanks @ccstone,

But it seems it didn’t solve the issue.

I think I’ve done that many times in this period as I usually shut down my mac every day.

I’ve just made another try, and it hasn’t changed the situation.


Have you made changes to your macros?

Keyboard Maestro will only save revisions when it saves your macros, so unless you make a change to the macros it will not save any revision for that day.

If you make any change to your macros, then you should get a new revision. Basically, the first time you save the macros on a new day, a revision will be made for the previously changed date.

So that would seem to indicate that Nov 6 you changed your macros, and then today you made a change - the Nov 6 macros were saved to that revision.

Thanks @peternlewis,

Yes, I have. I’ve made a lot of changes to my macros these days after updating to KM 10. That’s why I noticed that something is wrong with my daily backups.

My last change on yesterday (Nov 19) was around 6 pm, but my latest revision file is still 2021_11_06.plist which is modified at 11:54 Nov 16.

  • Sorry that I wrote 2021_11_06.plist was updated yesterday (a few hours ago, I described) before, but it was wrong. The modification date of the file has been 11:54 Nov 16. I misread 16 to 19.

  • Sorry that it could be confusing as my language setting is not English. It says that 9999_01_01.plist was modified at 9:05 today (Nov 20) and 9999_01_03.plist was modified at 17:50 the day before yesterday (Nov 18).

I can confirm the issue. I make daily tweaks to my Keyboard Maestro macros and yet the last v10 revision is listed (in the File > Revert Macros menu flout and in ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Revisions Version 10) as Nov. 2.

That 2021_11_02.plist was modified Nov. 3. I've been modifying my macros daily since then. My .kmsync file is up-to-date with today's revisions but I can't revert to yesterday's revisions or anything more current than Nov. 2.

Fortunately I never have to revisit the past as all my edits are improvements :grin: but it looks like an unresolved issue.

Thanks again @peternlewis for detailed description. I’ve understood how daily backups work.

I had been pretty eager to improve my macros and edited them nearly everyday after I updated KM to ver 10.

Based on above, what's happening here could be something like below.

  • KM stopped daily backup after being updated to ver 10 (on Nov 6).
  • KM somehow backed up macros just once maybe when updated to 10.0.1, and the file is 2021_11_06.plist (on Nov 16).
  • But usual daily backups haven't been made since Nov 6 in spite of many changes on macros (until Nov 20, today).

That is peculiar...

Here's mine:


I seem to remember some while back that someone had a permissions problem after upgrading the macOS that was interfering with his backups.


That's weird... I just checked and KM hasn't made revisions since 10.0.1 was installed(5 days ago). I know I've made many macros since then. I'll have to explore more options from my end.

@ewos -

I ran into the same issue. I referred to one of Peter's posts and now my backup, from yesterday, showed up. I'm thinking this may be what @ccstone was referencing.

Here is his post from over two years ago:

I hope this helps.



Interesting. I checked permissions the old fashioned way and they were legit but since it's Sunday, I gave this a try, too. After a change to one of my macros, the Revisions Version 10 folder was created with this in it:


I would expect to see 2021_11_21.plist there instead. Those same files are in my original v10 folder but 9999_01_01.plist is dated today (I've been editing a few macros today).

So it looks like 9999_01_01 isn't getting renamed to the current date when appropriate.

P.S. Good tip about compressing the whole folder as a backup, BTW.

I believe that's a euphemism for At Editor Launch.

I think this next file got written when I started working in Keyboard Maestro today, but I'm not certain of the time.

Name                 :  2021_11_20.plist
Creation Date        :  2021/11/21 14:14:11
Modification Date    :  2021/11/21 14:14:11
Date Added           :  2021/11/21 14:14:11

So – despite the dates – this should be yesterday's revisions.


That seems reasonable.

Just to clarify what remains puzzling to me, despite daily edits this month, I have no v10 revision after Nov. 2:


Right. Hopefully after your tinkering today revisions will resume correctly.

Quit and restart the Keyboard Maestro Editor tomorrow and then take a look.

If no joy then ask Peter for support.


Thanks a lot @kcwhat, and @ccstone.

That's something I had been looking for in this forum and couldn't find by myself.

So, I gave it a try hoping it works… and failed.

Firstly, I carefully read and did what Peter had described (I think I did, and twice to make sure) and couldn’t find the new daily backup. I waited a night, made another change to a macro (to make sure) and checked the “Revert Macros” menu as well as KM folder in Application Support, and still my latest daily backup is 2021_11_06.plist modified on Nov 16.

Then, I also checked and set permissions on Finder maybe like @mrpasini did (to the KM folder itself and all of the subfolders/items as well), ran First Aid, and still can’t make it work so far.

Did you try following the instructions @kcwhat linked to?

(KM10) Macros Not Backed Up for Several Weeks - #13 by kcwhat

Yes, I did. That is the instruction I followed (Sorry for my poor English).

No worries. We have a lot of nonnative language users on the forum.

If you followed Peter's protocol then you should no longer have a 2021_11_06.plist file in your Keyboard Maestro support folder.

You should be starting fresh and have a complete backup of your original.