KM8: List Last n Macros Executed

This macro lists any number of recently executed macros (five by default, but easily user-adjustable) using Prompt With List, then displays the selected macro in Edit mode. @DanThomas’s original “Get Recently Run Macros”, which this macro uses for the initial list of recent macros, can be found here: MACRO: Get Recently Run Macros with Last Executed Time

EDIT: Please note that this macro requires Keyboard Maestro 8 or later to function.

List Last n Macros Executed.kmmacros (15.3 KB)



Great idea! Love it! As soon as I get a chance to upgrade to KM8, I’ll get this (assuming I haven’t forgotten by then).

One suggestion. I know your title says “KM8”, but you might still want to include a separate, hilighted line that mentions it requires KM8. I wouldn’t have realized it, because I always manage to be blind to the obvious, except that when I read the details I was wondering what the “Prompt With List” action was, and then I noticed the “KM8”. Just a thought.

Thanks for what looks like a great macro.


Thanks, Dan! Coming from you I consider this very high praise :smile:
And thanks as well for your original macro, which made putting this one together considerably easier :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the suggestion too! You make a very good point, so I’ve updated the macro and post to try and make its requirements clearer. (and while I was at it, I went and added a screenshot of what the prompt looks like in action, just to try and help give prospective downloaders an idea of how it can be useful)


@gglick, I really like your macro. :+1:

the one downside is that the KM Prompt with List reorders the list alphabetically, so we don't know which was the last macro ran.

Fortunately, KM9 will fix this issue, allowing us to turn off sorting.

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Thanks, @JMichaelTX! You're right, the automatic alphabetical sorting has always been a flaw in this macro if you want to see them in recently executed order, so it's great to hear that KM9 will enable that.