MACRO: Spotlight KM Variables Updated version 1.1

#MACRO: Spotlight KM Variables v1.1

UPDATED: v1.1 The variable's value is now shown using a Custom HTML Prompt, to support multi-line values.

Requires OS/X Yosemite or later,

Requires Spotlight Search Prompt.

Spotlight KM Variables.v1.1.kmmacros (34.0 KB)

NOTE: I realize this information is available in the KM Preferences dialog, but I had a request for this, so I thought I'd post it for everyone.

This macro displays a Spotlight dialog with all the KM variables, like this:

If you select a variable, you get this prompt:

If you want, you can change the value.


[quote=“DanThomas, post:1, topic:5644”] I had a request for this

And it is AWESOME. Thank you!

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This is pretty amazing. Thank you Dan. :heart:

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Hey Dan! Another great macro! :thumbsup:

I have a lot of DND Variables that are multi-line.
Any chance of changing the prompt to HTML text area?

You mean, create a custom HTML prompt?

Also, why do you like this macro over just using KM’s Preference dialog? Just trying to understand. :slight_smile:


Mainly due to the search/filter. This would be especially useful during testing/debugging, when I have all (or most) of the variables in the macro that have a common prefix.

  • What JM said
  • Being able to call it outside of KM
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OK, I’ll see what I can do.

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OK, just updated to version 1.1. Now supports multi-line values.

You can have both versions installed at the same time, if you want.


Many thanks, Dan. Much appreciated.

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You know that the Variables preference pane has a search/filter, right?

Dan’s macro is still awesome. I have long had plans for some sort of inspector in that direction.

Yeah, I’m still scratching my head as to why anyone would need this macro, since the Variables preference pane is actually better, in my opinion, because not only can you filter, but you can just arrow through the variables to see their values, and change them.

But it was easy to throw together, and as you know, Peter, sometimes users’ logic is inscrutable. :wink:

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Good thing the Search box was not a snake, because I would have been bit! LOL

For some unknown reason, I just never noticed it at the bottom of the window.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Just to make this real clear for others who may be as blind as I am, here's a screenshot, with a filter in place:

BTW, notice how useful using a prefix for the Variables used in a specific macro is.

So, the most important feature that @DanThomas' macro provides, that is NOT provided by the KM Pref window, is being able to run from anywhere, without having the KM Editor open.


If I was really going to do it up right, here’s what I would do:

  1. I’d create a window like the one in Preferences, where you can cursor through the variables and see their values instantly.
  2. I’d also have a search filter, but I’d probably provide regular expressions, and let you save and reload search terms (or perhaps provide a history list, or both).
  3. Additionally, I’d let you “pin” variables so they’re visible in spite of what’s in the filter.
  4. I’d let you save sets of “pinned” variables, so you can easily pull up a set for any situation you work on regularly.
  5. Of course, you could limit the variables to only those pinned, to reduce the clutter.
  6. I’d come up with some way so that when you had a set of pinned variables, you could click a button and it would store all their values. Then at another point in time, you could click a button and see what variables changed, and compare the results.

I’m sure I could think of other things. Just thinking out loud here.

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