Magnet-Based Window Movers & Sizers

I used to use the excellent Window Mover/Resizer Macros package, but a little while ago started using the Magnet app for its additional features such as automatically reworking its commands based on monitor resolution and orientation (I have an iMac with two vertically-oriented side monitors on either side of it, and a Macbook with a sometimes external monitor).

Even more recently, I started using Metagrid on an iPad infront of my keyboard as a button panel ala, but more like how I work than, a Stream Deck.

On this thread, @mpom asked me to share my macros and Metagrid setup. Below are my macros in a library. Install the library and it will create the folder ". g: Window Movers". You'll need the Magnet app to use these, and may want to adjust them for your particular monitor setup.

The Metagrid layout is posted on the Metagrid forum here:

Magnet Window Movers Macros.kmlibrary (576.5 KB)

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 16.15.36