Make screenshots from "find my"

Hello evrybody,
i've tried to create a programm in Automator to locate 8 different Air Tags, make a screenshot from one after another, save the sreenshots in a special file and repeat this process for as long as i need it every 15 minutes.
It worked quite well, only that after some hours the mouse cursor startet getting slower and slower, then stucked, then the programm stoped working.
Someone recommended me keyboard maestro, so i would like to try it again, but habe zero experiences concerningn mac and programming
Have startet to create a trigger, action: open "Find my" then rcorded the cursor going to the first Air Tag in the list. But by trying "find my" gets open, but the cursor doesn't move.
So this would be my first step to solve this problem.
Hope to find help, allone it would take weeks i guess.

Some ours later:
"Find my" is opend, application window is brought to front, a pause, the i think the action "move or klick mouse":
there would be the best to move the mouse to a found image, because then i could create the sequence of the screen captures of the different objects that i want (my objects are called Karma 01, Karma 02 ...) starting from 01 to 08 and give the adequate name (Karma01_Year_Month_day_time for example) when saving the screen captures.
Theres the posibility relative to found image and with "go" i can fix my image but i don't know how to do it, how to fill the square by "image".
state of play.
Any helb is apreciatet.
Its getting evening in germany.
will further try tomorrow.

Hi - welcome to the KM forum!

You might find you get better help if you post a screenshot of the Find My showing what it is you’re trying to do.

It would also be worth a few minutes of your time to review these:

Hello tiffle,
thanks for advice concerning best way to communicate with the forum. So here my first try to put in a screenshot of FindMy, a file with the old program on Automator (which works, just with the problem, that the mouse does not move anymore after some hours) and my fresh new km program in its Baby-State.

Karma 01 Macro (v10.2)

Karma 01.kmmacros (3.3 KB)

Keyboard Maestro Export

This is a screenshot from FindMy.

theres not always this proper sequence karma 01, karma 02 ...
And I don't know a way to bring in in proper sequence.
For my program it would be nice if km detects Karma 01 , 02 ... and does the screenshots in the same sequence.

The Program for Automator I'm not able to upload (stays grey in the upload menu).
Is there a possibility to upload an automator program?

Made screenshots of the automator Programm.
The first two are from the beginning.
Same structure from 1 to 8.
Last screenshot shows the end.