Mounting an Attached but Un-Mounted External Drive (Yes You Can!)

This may be obvious to others, but then again, it might not be.

Using the code I posted here:

... you can create a macro to mount an external drive that is connected to your computer, but isn't mounted.

I used to use an application called "Mountain" for this, but now I've rolled my own.


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Thank you! Very useful.

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Different than how yours is set up, I’ve long mounted attached volumes with a scheduled AppleScript since I would rather specify the times when Time Machine is run.

set theDisk to "Disk Name" do shell script "diskutil mountdiskutil list | awk ‘/ " & theDisk & " / {print $NF}’"

After Time Machine runs, another AppleScript unmounts the disk.

set theDisk to "Disk Name" do shell script "diskutil unmount " & quoted form of ("/Volumes/" & theDisk)

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I think they both amount to pretty-much the same thing. I also use them for Time Machine.