N00b Alert - How to Search Palette Items?

Below is a copy of palette , is it possible to search within "palette" somehow ?

Say I want to type and search for JINJA

You may need this:

No, you can't search in a palette. There are a few ways to search for and execute macros. Here's one:

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I would use a Conflict Palette or Trigger Macro by Name action.


As far as I know, palettes generally only allow a "real" shortcut (cmd+x) or a single character as trigger. If you want to type a string (JINJA) because a letter is not enough, then "Trigger Macro by Name" is the better choice. But here the string is not the trigger. "Enter" is the trigger, which you have to type after JINJA.

Is it still possible to use strings as triggers for palettes?

I think so, but this is a bit crazy and I haven't tested it.

Theoretically you could create a macro ... move the mouse & click if the palette "name" is open and "jinja" is typed.

You may want to consider using a Prompt With List action instead of a palette.

With that you can type-select to your heart's content:



Thank @ccstone, this is precisely what I was looking for !

Thank you Frank,kcwhat,noisneil & suliveevil for your thoughtful replies .

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