Nested palletes (sub palletes)

hi, i'm not sure how to make a nested pallete (1 pallete for me that allows me to type a keystroke to launch any of 4 different other palettes, which in turn can launch a third level of macros). do i make a group for the first level-palette, then do i make 4 macros (what kind?) to put in that first group and those 4 macros launch 4 different other groups where the palletes come up? thanks for any help! -todd

Create macros that use the Show Palette of Macros action and place them in the group for the first level palette. Here's a threat with an example by @appleianer, who's one of the heaviest sub palette users on this forum:


thank you @gglick! i think i got it (do i have it right?)... one issue (screenshot attached): after the first level palette is activated, i'd like to be able to use hotkeys (ideally on-the-fly-assigned conflict palette type keys), do you know of a way i can get that to work? right now i have to click on the palette choices but the second level of palettes gives me conflict palette hotkeys. thanks! -todd

You're welcome, Todd. If you want auto-assigned conflict palette hotkeys for the top level palette, you just need to make a new macro to show that palette as well, rather than from the macro group settings as you currently have it.

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hi gabe, that worked, thank you for your help! :grinning:

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This is similar to a question I asked on the forum a while back:

I still haven't solved the problem of aliased shortcuts not working.

After seeing this post I've started to build out some sub-pallets which ave been working great for App Specific groups. I have a Macro Group I use for text expansion and saved snippets so its active in all macro groups.

I created a sub pallet for this, but the issue I have is the Hot key I use to trigger this sub pallet is obviously activate always since its in all groups. Is there a way to trigger the sub pallet to only open when the main pallet itself is actually open?