Only want MIDI output, not the keystroke

Hi all...

I've tried to search but it's so hard to navigate the answers on this particular question, so sorry if it may have popped up somewhere before.

I have an external USB NumPad which I'd like to convert to MIDI-messages. No problem, works great and all but I don't want the key from the numpad to reach my apps, I only want to output MIDI.

I'm clueless. Searched actions for "disable", "stop", "break", "block" and the like but I haven't found anything working yet.

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Hi @ThomasMavian - welcome!

It would help if you posted the KM macro you're using to achieve this and then we might be able to suggest a solution.

See this:

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Ok, sorry but I thought this was a kind of a pretty straightforward question: how do you stop a keystroke to reach the application?

I haven't found any "evidence" that Keyboard Maestro can do that, yet.

The macro is very basic, take a look at the screenshot.

Just found this in the KM forum:

Sounds like there is no way to swallow the keypress from a USB device (cf. the final post in that thread). That's about as far as my knowledge extends. Maybe someone else here has an approach for you that might work.

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Thanks, I figured that was the case. Well, then it's "back" to ControllerMate for this purpose I guess. ControllerMate captures/hijacks the key presses and then you can do what you want (for example not letting it through).

ControllerMate shouldn't work on Catalina but mine does. Probably because I did an update instead of a new install from High Sierra.

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