Open URL in Safari stopped working

I had some simple macros that opened a few URLs in Safari. They've stopped working. I have updated to Ventura. I thought they were working in Ventura yesterday, but today no. Other KBM macros seem to work fine.

I think I found the solution. Seems to be 'two' Safaris shown in the dropdown menu in KBM, one has an alias icon. Selecting the other one restores function. I'm not sure what the 'two' Safaris are, though.


Thank you for posting the solution!
The same happened to me which now solves my question from earlier today :partying_face:

Happy it helped.


Came here to create a new topic about %SafariURL% not working and the forum software suggested this post to take a look.

Selecting the other instance of Safari from the "Available in these applications:" list fixed it.