Paste and Delete from History

I'm sure there's one or more macros already posted that do this, but just in case:

If you have something on your clipboard and don't want to lose it, but you need to temporarily put something else on the clipboard, paste it, and go back to the previous clipboard entry, this will do the trick (thanks @iNik):

And for when you forget to use Paste and Pop, this deletes the top item in the clipboard:

Can't believe how helpful this is already.


Thanks for posting those macros.

Just to be clear, you will NOT lose something on your KM Clipboard history just by copying something else to the System Clipboard. The previous clipboard will just be one item down in the history.

###Also, you can quickly access any clipboard in the Clipboard History by:

1. KM Status Menu > Paste

2. Clipboard History Switcher

Poor choice of words on my part - thanks for the clarification.

Also, thanks for showing those tips. I’m getting tired of saying this but, “I did not know that”, at least as far as the Paste menu is concerned. :slight_smile:


After I thought about it some, I now see much more value in this macro than I did at first. :thumbsup:

Here is my use case that makes it valuable to me:

  • I need to copy several different items (like from a web page), and then paste all of them in another app or web page post (like this forum).
  • So, I copy the items in REVERSE order that I want them to appear when I paste.
  • Then I simply “Paste and Pop” (pop meaning that it removes the item) using this macro, once for each item I have copied.

As we discussed earlier, I don’t lose any of my prior clipboards.
In fact, when I get done, the last clipboard before I started this use case is now on the System Clipboard (or KM Clipboard #0), ready to paste, if I need it.

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I really love Dan’s “Paste and Pop” trick. I was trying to modify it so that I could choose to paste either the original formatted text or plain text with styles removed before the past clipboard was deleted. Is there a way to do this?