Prompt with List not showing list

I am trying to setup a flow to add tags to a task I send to Omnifocus (OF).
I need to be able to choose:
a single resource tag from list 1
a single distributor tag from list 2
a single status tag from list 3
a single processing tag from list 4

Biggest list is currently 20 tags

I setup a simple macro with "Prompt With List" action
However, the list does not appear by default. You must match one character before list populates.
Is there a way to have the list display by default?
I tried the option of putting an @ as the first character of each tag and set initial search string to @ and this displays the full list, but my tags now have an @ (which I can strip out of the result) that doesn't match my tags in OF.
This is a problem because I later want to be able to remove previous tag if different and I need to pass the list of tags. I could keep 2 lists since the tags won't change much, but seems redundant.
I am checking to see if I can use an action to strip out the @ symbols.

Note: I also need to be able to skip each tag section if not ready to add a tag at that time.

I considered trying to use palettes that pop of for each selection for single click and but couldn't figure out how to link palettes together. It seemed like this would be quick


Set the default to all:.

If the list is ≤ 100 items, and you do NOT specify a Prompt Title or Default value, then the entire list should be shown. See Prompt With List action

Thanks for the guidance.
The all: works, but no title is shown so I don't know which list is displayed.
I have been working with applescript dialogs to try to implement what I want.
SO far so good, but will see how they look in the end.

I may try the leaving blank title and search fields, but after I finish testing out the other methods.

Thanks again.


Something else I do with many prompts is to use the variable as the default (the same variable that gets set by choosing from the list). That way, the item chosen previously (the last time the macro was used) is listed by default, which is appropriate for some lists. When the default appears, you can still type all: to see the whole list, if you like.

Also, if you use a title, you can see it at any time by deleting the text that's in the box.

That is one of the reasons that I use MACRO: Spotlight Search Prompt by @DanThomas.
Highly recommended. I use it many, many times a day.

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