Quickly Add ALL Menu Items From a Given Application

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently setting up Keyboard Maestro to control menu functionality in apps like Outlook/Excel/Word etc etc.

I'm currently adding menu items as I go, manually, and I was wondering whether there was a smarter way to achieve this? It would be great if I could somehow get Keyboard Maestro to automatically set up the facility to be able to <select menu> item for all menu items somehow.

I don't know if this is possible, or if I've explained it very well, but any advice appreciated!

Thanks so much.

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Hey Michael,

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Can it be done?

Yes – for apps that use the normal macOS menu UI methods.

But... It's very complicated, and someone would have to be very motivated to do it.


Thanks Chris, I'm LOVING Keyboard Maestro. I'm using it with a bunch of music production applications and it's incredible.

Is there any repository availble for downloading this sort of thing? It feels as though a lot of people are probably duplicating work, and I'd be happy to contribute (for example) a ready-made setup for Outlook or Excel or something that others could download, especially if I could piggy-back on the work of others as well - anything that lightens the load!

Thanks so much


Not anything organized like Git-Hub or suchlike – the Keyboard Maestro forum is the biggest knowledge base and repository of user-macros available.

Searching the forum for "select menu" will give you much food for contemplation.

  • Direct search using the Magnifying Glass icon in the upper right of the KM forum page.

Spend at least a little time familiarizing yourself with the Keyboard Maestro Editor – you'd be surprised at how many users completely miss that features they want already exist.

  • Look through all the menus – you won't remember everything, but your mind will establish a framework of what to look for and where.
  • Peek through the Keyboard Maestro Editor's preferences.
  • The Keyboard Maestro actions panel in the editor (Cmd-K), and its search field.
  • The β€œInsert …” menu items in the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Edit menu – especially the keyboard shortcuts for same.
    • These are very useful for inserting Actions, Text-Tokens, Functions(), Variables, and Date-Strings – and for searching for same.
  • Help is available for a startling number of things.
    • Press the Option key while looking through the menus – you'll find quick access to Help for given items.
    • Note that the Editor's Insert dialogs have a help a help link for the wiki page associated with that item.
    • Actions have a gear menu with options, and you can also right-click on the action to display the same contextual menu, and these contextual menus contain a help item.

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Thanks Chris, yeah, I'd seen the list (sure it's a bit dated, but there's useful stuff in there).
Never mind, I guess I'll just have to grit my teeth and do the legwork.

Thanks for the help/thoughts

Very best


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