Quickly export macro and image to Desktop for fast sharing on KM Forum

This macro uses this awesome macro that copies and saves images of a macro or macro action/s.

I made a wrapper of this macro to instantly upload selected macro and the image of the macro to Desktop. It then also uses @ccstone macro to quickly open the KM Forum in a new tab if KM Forum is not already open. If it is, it will switch to it.

Here is the macro. For what [select macro] means read this.

Upload macro and image to Desktop [select macro].kmmacros (9.8 KB)


Thank you. Those actions save time. I added Desktop shortcut (⌘⇧d) to make sure it doesn't save the action in a different directory.

Upload macro and image to Desktop [select macro].kmmacros (10.2 KB)

Upload macro and image to Desktop [select macro]

Hey Ali,

It’s good practice to put a Pause Until action after the Select a Menu Item action that waits for the [Save] button to exist, before you move to actions that are to take place in the dialog.

It’s also good practice to use the Press a Button action rather than a Type a Keystroke in this circumstance.

The more explicit you can be with your actions the less likely it is for your macro to get the hiccups.


I tried to implement those action, Pause Until and Press a Button, but didn’t know how to use.
I’m sure I’ll understand them after a little bit of trial and error.

Thanks for the tips.

Hey Ali,

Download and double-click this action, and it will be installed in the macro currently being edited in the Keyboard Maestro Editor.


Pause Until.kmactions (734 Bytes)

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Oh, now I get it. A button is what I see in a dialogue box or something like that. I’ll use this method from now on. Thanks

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