Reset font to normal after select text → copy→ change clipboard style


I often use the actions below to change the style of selected text.

The only problem is that all ensuing text (if I continue writing) is in the modified style, here red on yellow instead of the default black 14 with no highlight.

What action could I add at the end after the paste to indicate that the style should revert to the default basic style (black 14 no highlight).

thanks in advance for your time and help

This seemed to work correctly when tested.


It repeats what you've done but adds a blank space after your initial changes to restore the desired formatting. Key to note is that the Action to Set System Clipboard To Text is set to insert a space (note the gap between the quotes). As shown, this is followed by removing from the clipboard the styled space that was just added to the clipboard. That step, of course, could be removed.


very elegant ! thank you so much. I was trying all kinds of contorted solutions none of which worked.

Just a question out of curiosity. Please do not spend any time on it.

I discovered a new type of keyboard shortcut with NisusWriterPro which prompted me to ask the question below. I am just surprised at the lack of interest it generated. I thought that it would spike forum members' curiosity.


You may want to look at these two threads I've bookmarked but not yet utilized. If I'm reading everything correctly, they may be close enough to your goal or elicit viable alternatives.

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thanks very much for your research and comment !! I am going to plunge into it.