Select Matching Stream Deck Profiles Using Bartender

As has been previously noted, there does not currently appear to be a way to directly and programmatically select a particular Stream Deck profile. There are several workarounds to that, but I just wanted to see if I could make it work with Bartender automation.

The macro allows the selection of one or more matching Stream Deck profiles across multiple matching Stream Deck devices within a split second using the Stream Deck menu bar menu.

This is a similar (and less elegant) solution than some of the others - and @Fokke's neat AppleScript solution also uses Stream Deck's menu bar menu but much more simply and reliably via AppleScript UI scripting.

Download the "Select matching Stream Deck profiles" macro (18 KB)

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Subroutines used

Select A Menu Bar Item Using Bartender

See Select A Menu Bar Item Using Bartender.

Check Stream Deck is installed and running

Download "Check Stream Deck is installed and running" macro (6.9 KB)

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This calls Check that an application is installed.

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Hi Steve
Yes, recently i also bought Bartender and managed to make KM switch the SD profiles. Your macro looks interesting and i have to have a closer look at it to see your routine.

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Thanks! I enjoyed making the Press sequence of keys subroutine and working out how to match particular devices using a text map of the SD menu bar. All slightly excessive, but I enjoyed the journey :laughing:

Best wishes,

I use the blank trigger app method, as it's snappier and less visually obtrusive. However, I did explore this option a while back and, as I only have one SD, I found that all I needed was this:

This uses Bartender 4's built-in shortcut support:

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Thanks, Neil - individual hot keys looks much simpler!
And I'm just setting up blank trigger apps now... :wink:

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... and I've now added my own take on the dummy/blank app method here.