Toggle Do Not Disturb macro not working in Mojave

I have a simple macro that toggles Do Not Disturb off, pauses 3 minutes, and then turns Do Not Disturb back on. It doesn’t work in Mojave.

I often like to turn off Do Not Disturb. The problem is, I’ll forget to turn it back on. I created this macro to solve the problem. (F4 is the keystroke set in my System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts to toggle Do Not Disturb. Simply typing F4 still works as expected.)


This has not worked since I upgraded to Mohave. It doesn’t matter whether I trigger it with its keystroke or with the status menu. I have Keyboard Maestro set up in Accessibility and all of the other macros I’ve tested since installing Mohave work.

As a test, I created a new macro with the same first action and no other actions to find out if that would toggle Do Not Disturb. Even that didn't work.

Any ideas?

Yes, see:

and specifically:

This bug has been reported to Apple, together with an application to demonstrate the issue. Who knows if they will fix it. One solution is to change the hot key to toggle DND to something that does not use the function keys and thus can be simulated.

Thank you! I changed the DND shortcut for a workaround. I hope Apple provides a solution.

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