Unlocking 1Password mini

I have a macro that opens a selected 1Password bookmark. This works perfectly if 1Password mini is already unlocked. However, if it’s not, I want it to unlock it with my master password and keep going. I tried an applescript but I don’t know the dictionary for 1Password and I’ve never written an AppleScript before. So, I’m a little stuck. How can I do this?

A crude workaround would be to call the 1Password app, unlock it as part of the macro, then bring your browser back up – the mini should be unlocked now, too.

I’m not sure how to answer your direct question, but don’t you think doing so is very risky?

Putting your 1Password master PW in KM makes it easily accessible to all. It’s like you have put all of your crown jewels in a great safe, and then left the combination to it laying out on the kitchen table. :astonished:

Sorry for the off-topic post, but I felt obliged to do so.

I'm with anamorph here, the problem really is that (at least at the moment) there isn't a way to determine whether or not 1Password is locked or not if only 1Password mini is running. But I had a similar issue and my workaround was to call it up just like anamorph said, here is my macro to do it (note how it can check if it's locked but only if 1Password the application is up and running).

And I just thought you could make a prompt come up and ask you if you need to unlock 1Password and if so unlock if not just proceed. Not the most elegant solution but that would work.

Hey Buddy

1Password is not in any way scriptable, which you can determine by dropping the app onto the Script Editor.app.

This problem is easily solved with Keyboard Maestro.

Generic-Test 01.kmmacros (79 KB)

Give the Pause Until acton a short timeout value of 1 second (in the gear menu of the action) – also turn OFF the following:

Timeout Aborts Macro
Notify on Timeout

Go to town.


I just posted a macro in the Macros section that might do the trick.

Hello @buddyq, I had the same problem once. The solution for me was a combination of KM actions and an applescript.
Look at this video. There you will find the login to all macOS applications as well as the login to web pages.

Thanks for the video.
I understand how to use 1PW to login to web sites.
How to you get it to log in to Mac apps?

I found this:
How to Add an App Login — AgileBits Support Forum

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you’re asking if there’s a way for 1Password for Mac to fill in login details in other native apps, right? Unfortunately that isn’t something we’re able to do at the moment due to the way OS X sandboxes different applications.

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Hello @JMichaelTX thank you for your interest. For the login in macOS Apps I also had to think for a moment. Because I had to solve the problem with the locked 1Password mini and the Touch ID (current MBP).
Without the help of the KM Forum and a Touch ID user (MBP) I couldn't have managed this macro.

I also did a tutorial on it. It is in German, but you can follow the steps well.

Please note that the 1Password mini's menubar helper must not be hidden in Bartender 3 if you are using this menu bar app.

Sorry for my English... "Google Translate is my best friend :wink:

Here is my setup:

Pinot 1) Please enter the name of your macOS app to be unlocked as stored in 1Password mini.

Point 2) Screenshot of the blocked 1Password mini and the Touch ID request (have this only in german)

Point 3) Screenshot of the selected login (here iCloud) in the 1Password mini

Point 4) Name of the macOS app (here App Store) into which the password is to be inserted.

10)iCloud_1PW_Mini_Login.kmmacros (477,8 KB)

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