V. 8.2: applications palette

congratulations @peternlewis , the application palette looks very nice. Improves workflow

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Hopefully people will also start to make use of the new Dragged File trigger as well, to allow for macros to deal wiht dragged files.

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sometimes I wonder if it would be useful if the less intelligent users like myself had access to example macros for those actions which are a bit more complex.

would the dragged file action also work for URLs?. It could be useful to create a custom made evernote web clipper, an essential tool with quite a few drawbacks.

How are people utilising the applications palette? Simply as an 'improved' dock, or for something more advanced? I'm curious!

sorry, I can no longer remember what the applications palette is

Read this at the wiki. although I must admit, I am not sure how practical this is.. or how to use it.

Edit: found this useful thread:

Hey @ronald,

The Applications Palette allows you to switch between running applications and drag and drop to them.



I never use it, because the Dock provides similar functionality.


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thank you Chris

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