VLC Mac Frustration – Only KM Could Possibly Help

For some reason vlc mac opens always with a playlist you have to close, as well as the finder you have to close.

It is very annoying and not like this on windows, I think a km expert could probably figure out a way without an applescript, maybe using window manipulation.

What I'm trying to do is make a macro/script to open a file from finder, close the playlist it generates and minimize finder automatically when I open a vlc file.

vlc forum is no response, googled and found nothing on it except for windows.


any help much appreciated.

Hey there! This should be fairly simply to figure out with a combination of manipulate a window actions. I’m away from my computer and can’t build a test macro for you, but you could likely just use manipulate a window action to minimize VLC window with index “x”, the x being whichever one corresponds to the playlist window and not the media window.

I don’t really use VLC for anything, and again am away from my computer, but this might give you something to work with until some more folks chime in.

thanks for replying, I've tried a bit but didn't have success because the playlist window becomes the not active window in the background and can't be accessed without a click, and I think he media and playlist window are both titled vlc media player, I'll wait, hopefully someone can figure it out, I think window actions are definitely the key.

Right, but each window should have an index number independent of what it’s title is. They can therefore be controlled regardless of their relative position on the screen. Were you able to try minimizing the window with index 1, 2, 3 etc.?

No I didn't know about index numbers, I'll read a bit and try that out, I'm pretty inexperienced in km.

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No worries at all. I don’t consider myself very experienced with it either haha.

Check out this wiki on manipulate a window action. Under subheading 2. Window Choices it mentions the index number method.

See also this macro that will give you all the properties of the current front window. You can run it from both the playlist window, and the media window to verify what their titles are, as well as other properties that may help you figure out how to manipulate each one independently from the other.

One more thing…

I don’t believe this to be the case. The playlist window appears to be title “Charles in charge s01e01.mkv” which may or may not be different from the actual media window. But the point is the titles may not be what they appear to be. You can verify this with that macro I listed above.

thanks for the links, I'll give it a read and a good effort when I get some free time, if I'm still stumped, I'll beg some more :wink:

Haha that’s how I usually get where I’m trying to go. Keep us posted! :grin:

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Hi @Lon_Ron, I use VLC Player (Mac) so I can play cable TV on Mac through my Fritz!Box.
I also had the problem with the playback window. I solved the problem for me like this:


(1) Opens the VLC app with the selected TV channel.
(3) The macro pauses until the playlist window appears.
(4) The playlist window is placed in the center of the desktop, otherwise it jumps into the corner with the following TV station and the positioning fails.
(5) The window with the TV station is positioned (here lower left corner).
(6) The window of the playlist is brought to the foreground.
(7) The window of the playlist is minimized.

02)ZDF <E837 211018T235847>.kmmacros (133,8 KB)

hi appleianer, thanks for the macro, I watched the video I think I will need to make changes to the macro because I just watch on my laptop opening from finder, don't need any resizing, just open a video and minimize all other windows except the media window, but I can take some ideas from your macro to try out.

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@Lon_Ron just bring the playlist window to the foreground and then minimize it.
Do the same with the Finder window.

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Edit: with some guessing and help from you guys, got it, yay :slight_smile:



This is why I love this forum. And I learned something, too.


Hey Lon,

When posting macros to the Keyboard Maestro forum please use these guidelines:

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Folks generally won't download something they haven't eyeballed first, so providing an image of the macro is crucial.

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I have a couple of macros for this.

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Got it ccstone, my MacBook has a small screen low resolution so it didn't fit all the way, the only part missing was you select Finder as the application in the "in up,down symbol," section.

Here are two macros.

This one is for when VLC is already active in dock and you are browsing files with Finder, it minimizes Finder, but if you know window indexes you could probably get it to minimize anything else behind the media like Chrome.

VLC on.kmmacros (2.3 KB)


This is the original macro I made, open a video from Finder with VLC off in the dock, minimizes playlist and Finder.

VLC clean open from Finder.kmmacros (4.3 KB)

When you use the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Share to Forum command from the share menu it will automagically provide a full image.


Take Care,

Cool. I'll use that next time for pics.

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