Go To Executed Macro [Updated 2021-01-13]

Go To Executed Macro

This macro will cause the editor to jump to the Macro specified in an "Execute a Macro" Action.

  1. Import this macro, and add a trigger to it (hot key, palette, whatever).
  2. Then when editing, select an "Execute a Macro" Action, and trigger this macro. Poof! You're now at the executed macro.

Update 2021-01-13: This new version from @ccstone is much faster:

Go To ⇢ the Selected Execute Macro Action's ⇢ Target Macro v2.00.kmmacros (6.3 KB)


Great Macro concept - I definitely will use it! However, when I import and try to edit (to try to assign a hotkey), the KM editor hangs (spinning pizza).
Is this happening to anyone else?

Enrique Terrazas

Well, that’s not good! Let me look at it.

Doesn’t happen on my system (lot of good that does you, of course).

Did you Force Quit and try again? Reboot?

Anyone else see this happening?

For maybe the third time in my life I am at a complete loss for words. I just spent several minutes trying to think of something to say, but I’m just sitting here with my brain’s jaw dropped and unable to move. Best in Class! Yaaaaay!!

LOL. You stole that from me, when I got the code from Chris!

NIce integration job, Dan. :thumbsup:

I've downloaded it, and it runs fine.

Just in case anyone doesn't know, after you open the target macro, you can quickly jump back to the calling macro just by clicking on the Macro History button:

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or the < to the left of it, right?

It was already a feature request planned for a future version :wink:

Thanks to the synergic team of authors to make the future so nicely present :smiley:


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@DanThomas you have (unknowingly) responded to a feature request made by myself and @radiator almost 2 years ago!

Well, not exactly. But for someone like me who has macros calling other 'ingredient' macros, it should make life easier when I'm picking back through my macros...

Right there with you. Glad I could help.

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At the recommendation of putting too many “thank you” posts, I cannot resist giving one more this desperately-needed function! :slight_smile:

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Hey Folks,

I believe it was Keyboard Maestro 8 that significantly improved its AppleScript support.

The following macro is greatly streamlined thanks to @peternlewis' efforts.


Go To ⇢ the Selected Execute Macro Action's ⇢ Target Macro v2.00.kmmacros (6.3 KB)


This new macro is much faster. Thanks, @ccstone.

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Thanks, Chris. I edited my OP and put your new version in it. I assume that's OK. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:And yes, it's WAY faster. Very cool. Thanks!


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Just discovered this thread. Thank you @ccstone. This is functionality I've wanted from the beginning!


I just discovered this gem as well, an outstanding resource! I have a LOT of macros set up as sub-routines, and sometimes remembering where they are located when I'm working with the execute a macro action leaves me scratching my head. I added this beauty to my Keyboard Maestro profile for my Stream Deck and it is AWESOME!


Just found this. Thank you. I wish Peter would add this as a toolbar button.

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You're welcome, and I totally agree. In fact, I'm surprised he hasn't already.

@peternlewis - How about adding a context menu item for when we click on an "Execute a Macro" action, that lets us go to the executed action? It's kind of a no-brainer, don't you think? In fact, I fully expect you to reply with "it's already there - are you blind?" :smile:

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