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i just bought keyboard maestro for replacing quickeys. i am totaly new to macros and i dont realy know it. i just need a solution to jump with a shortcut 30 seconds forward in a track i play in itunes (version on macos catalina). is anybody able to provide me such a macro? or is there an easier way to do this in keyboard maestro?

any help is welcome. thanks!

@supermat76, sorry I don't have a specific solution to your request, but I expect another Forum member who uses KM to automate iTunes to be along soon with some suggestions.

Meanwhile, you may find this helpful in converting from QK to KM:
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And, more general KM Help:


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Is this iTunes or Music? Also, is there a button to skip forward in the menubar anywhere? Using a menubar button is super easy. If there is, does it skip 5/10/30/a set amount of seconds reliably?

Alternatively, does searching for an Applescript snippet on Google give any good results? If you can come to us with Applescript that might do the job then integrating it with keyboard maestro to give you a hotkey could be a way forward.

@supermat76 This works for me:

Skip Ahead 30 Seconds in Music.kmmacros (1.5 KB)

tell application "Music"
	set player position to (player position + 30)
end tell

thanks a lot guys for the answers! and special thanks to ggllck for the script! works perfect :slight_smile:
the only problem i have now is that my added hot key is not working. but dunno why. in other macros its working. its not blocked by the system and the shortcut is not used by any other application. tested different shortcuts. any idea?


Perhaps something to do with the group it is in?

You're welcome. Glad it's working for you as well. Regarding your question, I second @vincent_ardern; judging from that screenshot, it looks like you might have this macro in a group that isn't configured to be available everywhere you want.

yeah, i had to enable the folder. so simple that its hard to see :slight_smile:
thanks again! have a nice week :slight_smile: