Keyboard Maestro + Apple Shortcut

Hi all,
I have a simple KM that triggers an Apple Shortcut.
This Apple Shortcut has an action "Get contents of"

If I run the Apple Shortcut alone, everything is fine.
If I run the KM that triggers the Apple Shortcut, I get an error:
"The network connection was lost"

  • Sonoma 14.4.1
  • KM 10.2

Any idea ?

Hi, @Thierry_Beauchemin; welcome to the Keyboard Maestro forum.

When I see someone new to the forum, I like to share a few links that are helpful:

If you upload the macro and shortcut I'm sure someone here will be able to help.

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Random guess would be some sort of permission issue.

Granting Keyboard Maestro Engine Full Disk Access or permissions to the folders (Desktop/Downloads/Documents/whatever) containing the file might help.

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