Keyboard Mastero on iPhone

Hello All,

At this point, I no longer can imagine using Mac without the Keyboard Maestro on it.
I sometimes wonder if Keyboard Maestro has an iPhone app, what kind of features will it have?
I am obviously not talking about a full-fledged app on iPhone but rather an assistant to Keyboard Maestro on Mac OSX.

For example:

1-One of my Macros takes 5-6 minutes to complete, rather than wait and stare at the screen, Keyboard Maestro on mac can send a notification to my iPhone.

2-We will be able to execute macros remotely and possibilities will be endless if Keyboard Maestro can access Homekit one day.

Let me know if this idea is ridiculous or have thought about this at all?


I haven't tried it, but I think you can already trigger shortcuts remotely via URL:

You could easily hook these into a very short Siri Shortcut, or perhaps even a Safari bookmark. Forgive me if you already knew about this and were requesting more native support in a UI!



The KM Forum has plenty on the existing iOS app, but it's not good news. Look here:

With Shortcuts now available on MacOS, I routinely control HomeKit in my KM macros using AppleScript. I just create a shortcut that performs whatever HomeKit operations I need.

I can also pull accessory state status from HomeKit and set a KM variable that I can then have KM control other HomeKit accessories. In this shortcut I wanted to determine my Samsung Frame TV power state.

I have a HomeKit accessory defined in Homebridege using a plugin for my Frame TV that indicates the TV power state. The shortcut pulls in that power state then sets the KM variable ATV_FrameArtStatus appropriately.


Thanks I am really bad at apple there a place that I can learn it?
I guess I can save your apple script in Fav....

Just 6 months ago I knew virtually nothing about AppleScript. Now... I still don't know a lot but I'm getting there. :sweat_smile:

Here's a couple sources:

AppleScript: Beginner's Tutorial
Introduction to AppleScript Language Guide

But almost everything I have learned about AppleScript I learned by Google searches and trial and error.


Does anyone know of a way to trigger a macro on the Mac from a shortcut on the iPhone? Not homekit but just a Macro?

Mac KM shortcuts can be triggered via URL

You can ping the URL via an iPhone shortcut

Yes it's definitely doable. There's a topic on this floating around the forum somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.

EDIT: Found it