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Hey everyone!

I just jumped ship from QuickKeys to Keyboard Maestro and I'm trying to recreate one of my macros.

The QK macro would allow me to check off items in a list on a webpage. The number of items in each list differs but the user will tell QK how many boxes it needs to check off before it runs via a prompt. That value is then copied to the clipboard and I use it to create the loop count. QK gives me a "copy from clipboard" option for the loop. I don't see that in KB.

The action (after manually tabbing over the first box) inside the loop is: Type the Space Keystroke > Type the Tab Keystroke (x3). The tab x3 gets me to the next line of data and check box.

I looked at this thread but the solutions and actions provided are no longer available.

Thank you!

Looping Example.kmmacros (4.5 KB)

Please take a look at this KM Wiki Article:
Transition From QuicKeys .

To set a KM Variable to the text content of the Clipboard, you use %SystemClipboard%, one of the many KM Tokens .


To quickly get started with KM, work through these steps:

Getting Started with Keyboard Maestro

For more help, see Getting Started with Keyboard Maestro and the Forum .

Thanks @JMichaelTX. I'll take a look at this!

Funny enough @JMichaelTX, I started with the Transition From QuickKeys documentation because I was hoping I could import everything and save myself some trouble.

I totally followed the Set Variable solution but how do I get that number to work in the Repeat action. I tried adding a variable (Local_NumberOfBoxes) other than a number to the Execute these actions but i get this error: -> unavailable in the editor.


Just type/paste the variable name in the numeric field.

See: Text Fields

Numeric fields can expand to take a calculation, which can include variables and Functions.

I think you responded as I was updating the last reply. Sorry about that @peternlewis. I get an error when I do that.

It is not an error - the value of the local variable is not available to the editor (since it is love to the macro execution). The display field is not displaying errors, it is displaying the current value of the numeric field.

Thanks for the help @peternlewis & @JMichaelTX! My macro works as expected now.

For those of you following this thread, I attached the final. It's very specific to my form but you'll get the idea when you open up the actions.

CheckOffForm.kmmacros (5.8 KB)

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