New Get Location and Drop-Down List (KM v10)


I searched for 1 hour and didn't find my answer by myself (sorry if it's obvious).

I just updated KM to version 10 and on a Move and Click action, I need to get the mouse position/location, but the click position is inside a dropdown list...

With the new "target" system, it takes the position as soon as I click...

But I need to click to open the drop-down and go down to find the right position.

Could you help?



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What dropdown list are you referring to?

You can click this icon... that will give you the crosshair and allow you to move the mouse to wherever you need to get coordinates for.

Sorry to not been clear.

I mean the place I want to get the position is "inside" a dropdown list...

Before in version 9, it was taking the position after 5 seconds whatever I did... so I can click on a dropdown list and place my mouse at the right position and wait for the end of the 5 seconds.

Now, I click on "Get" and there's no timer anymore, instead a target sign... and I cannot open any dropdown list anymore before to take the good position...


For example, I have to click on the triangle before I get the position of "Save watchlist"...

Oh I see! Let me think about this for a minute...

I just tried clicking Get with every modifier key and it doesn't allow for the countdown... I'll keep tooling around to try and find a solution.

In the meantime... perhaps @peternlewis could chime in when he has a moment, although I imagine he is quite busy today answering lots of questions :laughing:


I tried the same with all keys (I should have told) :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help anyway!

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I am encountering the same issue. I tried to edit a macro containing the Move & Click action in KM10 and the behavior has completely changed when clicking "Get" in the action: no 5 second countdown, no ability to bring a different app window to the front to get the coordinates relative to the "frontmost window", and the coordinates saved when click the mouse after selecting GET are not relative to the frontmost window.

All works fine if I revert to KM9.2 (both 10 & 9.2 running on a new M1pro MacBook Pro & Monterey 12.0.1).

Either the process to capture a click point coordinates relative to the the frontmost window has radically changed and the Wiki has not been updated or we've found a bug - or I'm doing something else wrong.

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I'll ponder this in a while, but folks, this is Keyboard Maestro. Write a macro that pauses for 5 seconds and then gets the coordinate with the Prompt for Screen Rectangle action and then displays it however you want. You don't need to wait for me to come up with a solution.



Hey Eric,

Welcome to the forum!   :smile:

As far as I can see – you can move the cursor wherever and click.

It appears that only a single click is required to fix the position.

There is a little diamond indicator in the lower right corner of the Keyboard Maestro Editor window.

==Unfortunately when you switch away from the Keyboard Maestro Editor the crosshair cursor is lost.==

On Mojave anyway.


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Hey Yann,

Don't do that!  :sunglasses:

If you've spent more than 20-30 minutes banging your head against the wall, break away from the torture and ask...

There's too much dain brammage in the world already.



Hi, I don't understand how this feature is suppose to work without a countdown - you always want to find coordinates from a window, however it's the top bottom left or right corner - if the feature doesn't allow you to display the window you want the coordinates from before you try to get them, how is it supposed to work?

You are talking about a macro to do that, i'm not as good as you guys and I don't understand how to make such a macro could you give an example?

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I managed to get the same result using the recording feature - but it is not as satisfying as the "get" button which was, before this update, just doing the job without having to copy-paste a recorded session.

I was using the "get" button a lot to make quick macros about anything, I deeply regret having installed the new update, is there a way to come back to keyboard maestro 9?

@peternlewis I think the primary question/issue - at least for me - is how to use the GET function in the "Move & Click" action setup in KM 10 to capture and enter coordinates for the "Move to" location relative to a frontmost window.

In KM9x and earlier, clicking GET started a 5 second countdown during which a user could activate the relevant app frontmost window and move the cursor to the desire click location and when the 5 seconds timed out, the coordinates were captured and automatically entered in the Action.

Now in KM10, the timer seems to be missing and the first click after clicking GET captures coordinates that seem to be relative to the upper right corner of the screen, rather than allowing the user to click on a relevant app window and then place the new crosshair cursor where needed and capture coordinates relative to the window. At least this is my experience on an M1pro MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.0.1.

It seems like a step backward in KM10 if we need to try to build a macro to capture information to setup an Action when it was a seamless, automatic process in prior versions.

Please help me with what I'm missing or how to make the GET setup function in the Move & Click Action to work like it did previously.



You can download KM 9x from the main page. Go to the bottom, click on Old Versions, and download the one you want. I did this when I encountered the GET coordinates issue.


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@peternlewis has been informed and is aware of the issue. Please give him time. Things happen with major software releases.



Based on @peternlewis’s suggestion above (New Get Location and Drop-Down List - #7 by peternlewis) and given I don’t have access to my Mac right now, this is how I’d write the macro:

Repeat 6 times
   Pause for 1 second
Prompt for Screen Rectangle

So when you hear the first beep you know you’ve got another 5 seconds to move your mouse to the position you want.

Any good?

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Use the built in Keyboard Maestro Mouse Display located under the KM Window menu., click the unlocked lock (which ironically, gives you five seconds to select your location) and it will lock it in.

Place that in your Move and Click coordinates.

This will buy a little time until calm is restored.



Super helpful, thank you! I like the new target cursor for picking cursor points and drawing rectangles, but without a timer this feature is difficult to use :confused: Thanks for the workaround!

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Hi Everyone,

I got the same problem and used this work around: In Mac OS you can make a snipped (print screen) by using shift control command 4. They you will get a marker which indicates coordinates. These coordinates you can then fill in, in keyboard maestro.

Kind regards,


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Here is the workaround that I suggested. In this example, I'm showing how to get the coordinates, using the Mouse Display, and click the number 9 in Pcalc.



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