There are no stupid questions, right?

Sorry guys,

I love using this forum. But I don't use it often enough to remember certain things.

Like how to copy a macro and then paste it into my post so you can all see it.

Very embarrassing.

I'm in KM and I want to just copy my "code" and paste it in here. How hard can this be?

Please be kind to an old man.

I promise I will put the answer to this question in a place where I can easily refer to it in the future.

Many thanks.

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Simplest, with the macro selected in the Keyboard Maestro Editor, is probably:

File > Share > Keyboard Maestro Forum

You also have, for Macro or Action selections:

Edit > Copy as > Copy as Image

(creating a graphic clipboard which you can paste here)


...and there's more info about sharing macros to the Forum on the Wiki. How do I get the best answer...? is always worth a quick scan too (I always forget something that's suggested on there!).

More good general tips are in the Forum FAQ.


I knew this was simple.

It's like finding my glasses on top of my head.

Many, many thanks.


There's also this very slick macro that posts the macro, an image, and system information, nicely formatted, in one fell swoop.



Hi, @Polyvox. I often share these links with new users; you might find them helpful.

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