Create and assign name to named clipboard β†’ copy system clipboard to new named clipboard

I can't figure out how to create the following 3 step macro

  • 1- create a new named clipboard including -2- prompting the user for the name of that clipboard
  • -3- copy the system clipboard to the newly created and named named clipboard
    Please note that the named clipboards will contain KM actions and series of actions, so using a file as an intermediate is not a solution
    thank you

Have you checked out KM 10's "Favorite Actions", or my KMFAM macro suite?

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hello @DanThomas

  • I have been using KMFAM many times a day and very much enjoy it. With all due respect, and it's just me, I find that it involves a bit too much manipulation. I used to accept that small drawback, but your QAP is a game changer.
  • the KM native favorites is just a list of actions
  • I am now hooked on your Quick Access Palette and am revising the way I work with with palettes, and the way in work in KM using the QAP. The ability to (+) add macros to the palette is fantastic.
  • my plan is to duplicate the QAP to create a dedicated QAP Favorite Actions palette with which in addition a paste the action (which would replace your run action), I will be able to edit the actions and duplicateβ†’ edit (which I wrote and works well) when I create variants.

The downside is that because I don't understand the code which generates the QAP, I must edit each newly added QAP macro with the features (list of actions) above instead of them being automatically code generated.

thank you for your post.

Just to clear the air, I'm not offended or anything about your KFAM comments. So no worries there.

Can you give me some examples of what you're trying to do? I almost understand, but it's just out of my grasp, if you know what I mean.

I am writing an answer with annotated image. Please give me a day to have it all ready. thank you

Take all the time you want. Just remember that I have ADD (honest!), so don't put me to sleep. :slight_smile:

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I will spare you the pain because I ran into a snag and it's not working.

Hello Dan

Forget my idea. I had misread the Wiki section on favorites and you were right. See my post below on suggested improvements to the wiki.

My project was to create a QAP version of KFAM, but I just don't have the brains.

thanks again for replying to my post.

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Hello @ronald

Just found this Macro by @Tom - it should give you an Idea how to accomplish your task.

Greetings from Germany


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thank you very much @Nr.5-need_input ! Very kind of you to have thought about my question. There is one step which is not clear and which I will ask Dan, but if you have any idea, I would be grateful

After the named clipboard is generated, how do you copy the system clipboard to it ?

The action below does not allow for variable clipboard names.

thanks again

I don't believe there's a defined way of doing this.

You're welcome, @ronald

of course, yes

have you tried using the Action's XML with AppleScript?

Greetings from Germany


Dan this is maybe the answer you are searching for

Greetings from Germany


thank you. The idea of writing an appleScript to copy the clipboard to a named clipboard is unfortunately way above my level. thanks very much for having given it some thought.

Hey @ronald

Here is an Example Macro I've written to show you how to accomplish the Task.
Let us know if it meets your Workflow automation needs.

Macro Screenshot:

Macro File:

[CB] @Copy SystemCB to New Named Clipboard @Example using @AppleScript.kmmacros (2,5 KB)

Greetings from Germany


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fantastic Tobias ! You are a genius. Exactly what I was looking for !! thank you so much for all your time and intellect.

I made very minor changes

1- add dedication to you in the title with a flame emoji (as in brilliant)
2- comment with reference to this discussion
3- prompt user for name of named macro
4- prompt user to copy whatever there is to copy and press escape to continue