How Do I Move Files in Download Subfolders Up to Parent Folder?

I am trying to accomplish a similar task to what is described above, but I'm afraid I don't have the requisite knowledge of AppleScript and/or KM to tweak the macros to solve the following problem: sometimes when I download a set of files, the files will be contained in a folder inside of another folder. This is annoying when there's nothing else inside the parent folder besides the folder that I actually want.

With the files and/or folders selected in Finder, I would like to be able to activate a macro that then moves my selection up one level into the enclosing folder. I have a Hazel rule set up to discard any empty folders that it finds at a later time. It would be especially useful if I were able to select multiple items from various locations and move them all into their respective parent folders.

Any guidance on with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Since your question is materially different from the subject of the topic, have moved your post to a new topic.

It is not clear how your setup is different from that of the referenced macro.
Please post a screenshot of the downloaded folders/files with your selection of what you want to move, and clear indication of where you want to move them.

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