Insert Brackets Before and After a Highlighted/Marked Text

Hey, I would like to know, if there is a way to set a hotkey to insert brackets at the beginning and the end of a marked text

For example:
My name is Shervin
(My name is Shervin)

My (dumb) approach to this would be:

  1. Copy highlighted text to clipboard
  2. Prepend and append contents of clipboard with β€œ(β€œ and β€œ)” respectively
  3. Paste clipboard so it replaces original selection

Haven’t tried this but it sounds like it might work and the KM macro to do it would be simple!

As @tiffle suggested:


It is easy to assign a KM Hot Key trigger to your Macro.


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You will also find this helpful:

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Toggler Macro (v9.2) has all that and then some. And you can toggle any of the behavior:


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