Mass update Actions (relative to the ....) field / or default settings


I have a lot of actions that are recorded (Chrome) with the setting: relative to the "Front Windows corner". But I would like to have all my recordings as *relative to the "Absolute Positioning".

Question is how can I default the setting: relative to the "Absolute Positioning". Or after recording mass update to this setting?


I think what you are asking for is to change the default options for some Action. Sorry, but that is generally not possible.

IAC, I encourage you to move away from using recordings to create your Macros -- they rarely produce the best macros, and often use mouse clicks and positioning that is really not required, nor desired.

If you want some good examples of well designed macros, checkout the Macros in the Best Macro List , and other macros in the KM Macro Library.

Finally, while KM generally does not let you change the default options & configuration for Actions, you can easily achieve that, and more, using MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros by @DanThomas. I highly recommend this.


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