Pallets & Sub-Pallets Make KM So Easy To Use

To use as little as possible new shortcuts and not have to notice the few, I use pallets and sub-pallets in all my apps.

I first create a (1) macro group without a shortcut to use. There (2) I create with the trigger "Palette" my actions.

Now I create a new (3) macro group with a shortcut. With a new trigger palette, I now add the required (4) macro group.

Well then have fun ... :wink:

Excuse my English ... Google Translate is my best friend :sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing this technique.
It helped me solve a problem I was having.


Hi @appleianer,

How do you set up KM to use the same to trigger app specific macro pallets according to the front app?

Currently, I'm using a macro with a switch action. It triggers a palette of macros according to the name of the front app (see screenshot below). But I remember you shared your setup somewhere else.

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Hi @martin, here is an example of how I create a macro group/palette for individual apps:

Imagine my workflow like a folder structure with subfolders.
So I create a macro group with the following requirements:

(1) The macro group appears only in the named app (here Finder).
(2) The macro group/palette will be closed after selecting the action.
(3) Here you set your shortcut (F20) to call the macro group/palette.

The macros within the macro group/palette do not need a trigger (None).

With these settings you can use your shortcut (F20) for any app on your macOS.

I myself don't have a shortcut for this, because I execute my macro groups/palettes with a touch gesture via the app BetterTouchTool.


If you need info on how to add sub macro groups/palettes, please contact me.


Thanks a lot for detailed explanation.
Can you say more about the following?

I also have BTT. How do you trigger the macro group?
Do you create a macro for every Macro Group to trigger the Macro Group? And then create a touch gesture trigger for every app in BTT?
It is this part I couldn't figure out.
If my guess is correct, then I need to create a three macro/macrogroup/BTTaction set for every app.

  1. A KM macro group for a particular app.
  2. A KM macro to trigger the macro group.
  3. A BTT trigger to run the 2nd macro.

I feel it is too cumbersome. Maybe you have a better solution?

That is correct @martin, if you want to call a macro group/palette via a BTT Touch.

Here I need a "Show Macro Group "Finder" for an action".


For single macros you do not need this intermediate step.

In BetterTouchTool you create a BTT touch gesture for the Finder and add the shown AppleScript action to it.


Now, to be able to quickly enter the KM AppleScript into BTT, I created the macro in this post:

To call my macro Groups /Palette via a BTT Touch gesture you have to apply my macro in the "Show Macro Group "Finder" for an action" macro!!!

As you can see in the first gif, I have created a macro group/palette for all installed apps.
For all macro groups/palettes I use the 3 finger touch gesture (right).

Since I work a lot with the mouse, as well as the trackpad, the BTT touch gesture is more suitable for me.

Here is an example of a preset workflow in Snagit 2021. I only need one touch gesture via BTT and 3 mouse clicks.
If I were to perform the actions shown using the keyboard, I would need to remember over 10 shortcuts to do so.



This is very helpful!
Thank you very much!

@martin I am glad if I could help you.

Since there are also useful actions in BTT, like here automating the context menu:


I have also created an identical KM macro for quickly inserting the BTT AppleScript into KM.

07)UUID AS <B85F 210721T084455>.kmmacros (25,4 KB)


I'm always amazed by your workflow. It is smooth and feels native to the OS. To watch your demo is enjoyable.

I downloaded your KM to BTT AppleScript trigger before and have been using it for a while.
Thank you so much!

I rarely use KM to trigger BTT actions. What do you use it for? (I often use BTT to trigger KM macros, because BTT has touch triggers)

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@appleianer you should give workshops!

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@martin there are some possibilities :wink:

Here is an example how I call BTT Desktop Spaces about KM:


For another user I had created this tutorial for it:


I'm not so good with scripts of all kinds, what I can do is to combine the possibilities of the apps in KM :wink:


@hello for this my English is much too bad, also I still have to learn a lot in dealing with KM.
However, I can create a tutorial on it if interested, as in this post:

Thanks to a speech output function in ScreenFlow, "Samantha" then takes over the commenting :wink:

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These are fantastic video tutorials!
Please post more!
Thank you so much!!

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I post my ideas in short videos/gifs on Twitter. Feel free to check it out and if you like something, I'll send it to you.... also with a tutorial :wink:

Here again is an example of how you can integrate macOS context actions into KM via BTT:

With this context action you can directly import an image/scan to your desktop via iPhone/iPad...

With my workflow I now only have to trigger my Siri Shortcut and everything else is solved for me by the apps BetterTouchTool, Keyboard Maestro, Hazel 5 and Yoink.


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Hi @appleianer, I tried the macros in your tutorial. It works very well, except for the Microsoft Edge browser. When I try to move the browser to another space, it doesn't work. Do you use Microsoft Edge? If so, can you test it? Thanks!

@martin I have installed the Edge browser. Moving to the Spaces works for me without any problems.


Do you have an identical shortcut for the Edge browser in use? Is there a system sound when you want to move it to another space?

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It works perfectly for Safari.


But when I did exactly the same thing for Edge, the macro was successfully triggered, the mouse was moved to the upper-left corner of the window, but it was not successfully dragged to the other space.


Have you deactivated all shortcuts in the Mission Control settings?

In the post above I have the tutorial for creating my KM / BTT Spaces workflow.
Now here come my macros to it.
Please set them up according to my instructions and try again.

@_Window Presets Macros <Multi 210724T213714>.kmmacros (5,2 KB)

Space to :Forum <3E64 210724T213749>

Space:App to :Forum <EADF 210724T213756>

BTT Spaces :Forum and Other Macros <Multi 210724T213916>.kmmacros (51,4 KB)

1 Space <1E6D 210724T214032>

1 Space <FED0 210724T213956>

I pretty much followed your examples.

Mission Control:
Below, you used AppleScript to simulate the hotkey press, I used the KM native action.




My issue is: it works for most of the applications. The only application that is not working is the Microsoft Edge. The problem appears to be with Microsoft Edge, not KM or BTT.

does it work in Chrome?