Problems With Menus in Sound Studio on Mojave

I just got this message for the first time after upgrading Sound Studio, an audio editing program, and the OS to 10.14.6. Hard to isolate which is at fault, but I've been using this macro for years and suddenly got this error message today.

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Please post a screen shot of the error message, and upload your macro. See How to post/upload your macro or script.


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Don't mind at all! Thank you.

Delete and fade in.kmmacros (4.7 KB)

The last command, the ^D keystroke, is the problem. It selects the "fade" option from the Filter menu (the Filter menu is a bunch of modifications, like volume and frequency makeup, to apply to a bit of sound). Been using it for years without incident, but now it can't find.

If the action appears in the app's menu, then it is best to use the KM Select or Show a Menu Item action rather than its shortcut key.

Depending one what exactly is going on (what do all the shift-right arrows do?), it may be that you need a short pause before the Control-D to allow the app to catch up.

You shouldn't, since it is just a sequence of keys, but it is possible in some circumstances.

Switched to Select Menu Item and added a pause, but still getting the same error message.

Hi @dhenwood, do I understand correctly that you are selecting an area and want to solve it? Then 7 times to the right and you want the fade in start?

I can't really figure out your macro. Could you tell me what your macro should do?

Yes I'm selecting a passage of audio that I want to apply a "fade in" filter too. The filter worked fine for years until I updated KM to 9.0 the other day.

If you have made a selection, should it be deleted? Your Shortcut Control + Delete is also a delete command and with the following Delete action, do you delete again?
Do you want the 7 times to the right to select an area to work with Fade in?

How it works @dhenwood:

Delete and fade in.kmmacros (4,5 KB)

I have extended the Repeat action (magenta) a bit, so that you can see it in the video.
Please adjust it for you.