Using Evernote with Keyboard Maestro

I am a big fan of Evernote. Sad to see that they seem to be doing badly financially and who knows what will happen. Critics say that the company is mismanaged, and has been wasting time on costly rather inane side projects like using notes for recipes etc instead of focusing on the actual database and improving the editor.
It’s true that the editor is terrible and the database could be improved. For example, notes have to be sorted the same was (alphabetically or by date, etc) the same way for all notebooks, which is a big pain.
I am sure that they will survive, but in which form and at what cost ?

The above two posts were moved to a new topic when the subject changed to discussing the viability of Evernote. As with any app, before one adopts use of that app, it is important to understand the potential future of that app.

So, let’s have that discussion about Evernote here, so that we don’t have a lot of off-topic posts in the original topic.

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@ronald, what is the source of your statement? I believe it is very out-of-date, and I have not seen that assessment published by any credible sources.

There is no question that over a year ago, Evernote had begun straying from their core mission, core product. The founder, and first CEO, Phil Libin really led the company astray.

But that is all very much in the past now. Almost a year ago, Evernote brought in a new CEO, Chris, O'Neill, from Google to turnaround Evernote and get them back on track, both from a product perspective, and a financial perspective.

According to CEO O'Neill, Evernote is financially healthy today.
For more info, see:

Evernote's new CEO on the company's critics: 'I love to be underestimated' | The Verge

Chris O'Neill: I announced early on I was going to focus on three things: building a great team — building on a great team — getting us on a path to sustainability. And the last is getting back to the core, the essence, of the product.

What people don’t understand about the company is that we’re in a very solid financial position. We’re on the path to sustainability. We don’t have to raise more money. We had a cash-flow positive month in March. These are really important things at a time when the funding environment is so volatile. So I think that’s important for people to understand.

I, and others, have many KM macros that work very well with Evernote. If there is something you don't like about Evernote, chances are you can fix it with a combination of Keyboard Maestro and AppleScript.

For example, I did NOT like the way the Evernote Search worked. So, I wrote this KM macro to provide a much better, easier way to do an Evernote Search:

If you have any specific issues with Evernote that could possibly be resolved by KM, please start a new topic with your issue and provide as much detail as you can. I would be glad to take a look at it.


good idea, thanks

news: you are right and things have changed. I was looking at old news.

Hi, thank you for suggestions your macro and making it available.

Let’s keep in mind that you are the expert and I am the novice.

I think that the core of your macro is excellent, but its functionality is limited.

Evernote provides search shortcuts, such as ^ ⌘ E Search in Evernote ⌘ J Search your notebooks ⌘ F Search within a note ⌥ ⌘ F Search your notes, which can be combined with a simple text expansion snippet to backspace and search for titles for example

With thousands of notes, what I need is a flexible and quick way to use Evernote quite powerful search syntax , excluding certain parameters like resource, altitude, latitude, longitude and source, and taking into account the fact that search parameters can be combined. All the parameters are rather essential in my opinion, and cannot be ignored (for example the tag exclusion parameter) ****So the core of your macro is excellent. The question is designing the interface

This Macro here lets you search Evernote right from your "Trigger by name" search bar. Similar to what you do in Alfred.

Here is my global Evernote Search macro:

MACRO: @EN Search Title of All Evernote Notes