Macro Library

Macro: “微信” (WeChat) (5)
Improve Things3 Quick Entry (1)
Macro to harvest an individual's (current) LinkedIn info for CRM (3)
Batch Rename files in the Finder (11)
Create New FOLDER in Current @Finder Folder (7)
Append Evernote Notes (2)
Macro for abbreviations and unicode, emoji, extended characters (7)
Copy encoded url(s) of file(s) selected in Finder or Path Finder (6)
Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “Select a word” Macro (2)
@WEB Extract & Process Links on Web Page Using HTML Class [Example] (9)
Select Category in Banktivity (10)
Copy and Paste text from Mac to Citrix (1)
Colour of Pixel Under Mouse Pointer (1)
Window Information Tools (8)
MACRO: Go To Macro by Name (Spotlight) ( 2 ) (24)
My Outlook 2011 Macros (6)
@DATE Get Date for Prior/Next Day of Week [Example] (2)
Find Files and Folders Using a RegEx Name Pattern (2)
Keyboard Maestro 8 -- Automating Share Macros/Actions to the Forum with Safari (1)
Conditionally Remap ⌘T in Things (18)
Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “7_Shortcuts_converts” Macro (6)
Create Text Expansion From Selection Macro (10)
Send Finder items to Yoink (10)
Multiple (~30) Text Manipulation (Case Change) and Text Expansion Macros (14)
FaceTime Audio Caller with Pop Up Contact List (KM 8.2.3) (12)
SCRIPT: Get List of All Window Names of "Windowed" Apps using JXA (11)
Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “Add Page to Notion Inbox” Macro (2)
Add Xcode imports from anywhere in the code (1)
“Email active document” Macro for Finder, Path Finder, Outlook, office and others (2)
Really Quit! Macro (5)