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Choose and paste from 350+ generic JavaScript and JXA functions (1)
Choose and paste from 350+ generic AppleScript functions (1)
@Date Set Date to Prompt User for ALL Items in Finder Selection (1)
Calculate Macro (12)
Save or Copy Scapple diagram as OPML/tabbed outline (treating arrows as parent → child) (1)
Sticky Palettes! They move when you do! (5)
Create a nested folder structure based on a plain text outline (2)
Select Clipboard Image File (8)
I shared all my macros and KM palettes I use on GitHub (1)
Move Frontmost Window to a Different Space (2)
Macro to create a PDF doc from a Markdown file using Pandoc (16)
GUI for “Translate Shell” (4)
Find selected function in Quiver (2)
Easy answering a Facetime call by a senior citizen (6)
[FINDER] Move Selected Finder Items to Choose Folder [Example] (10)
[MACRO] Backup / Export Macro Groups (or your library) as individual macros (1)
AppleScripting Default Folder (9)
“Select CSV Columns” Macro (1)
Library of macros to control Tweetbot 3 application (1)
Post Current Safari URL to Twitter via Tweetbot 3 (1)
Get Fields for Key Item in List [Example] (8)
Automating Path Finder (5)
Macro to download eTrade recent statement - do you have other examples? (1)
Break List into Groups [Example] (6)
Change case of selected text (Initial Caps -> Upper -> Lower -> Initial Caps) (5)
Run Single Command on Finder Selection (5)
Download Youtube videos (13)
Show Open Recent Files List ( 2 ) (21)
Put an Icon & Menu on your Mac OS/X Menu Bar (7)
ACTION: Switch Case Based on FrontMost App (3)