Macro Library

Replace Chrome's “Reveal in Finder” behavior (1)
Bring Finder Windows To Front W/Option To Close (Macro included, this time) (1)
Bring Finder Windows To Front W/Option To Close (1)
Manage Your Entire Life With One Mouse-Click (1)
MACRO or PLUGIN: Open or Refresh a URL in a Tab (Safari & Chrome) ( 2 3 ) (42)
2nd addendum for the Recent Utube Vid Macro (1)
Correction For The Macro: For Search YouTube Vids, Download, File, Play (1)
Search Youtube Videos, Download, File & Play them in Full Screen mode, as mp4's (2)
Stop Wifi when the Ethernet adapter is attached (4)
KM Wiki -- Google Search and Return Markdown Link in Forum Post (9)
A multifunction paste macro (for clipboards, mail variables, case changes, URLs) (18)
Keyboard Maestro “Convert PDF Files into Text Files in the Front Finder Window” Macro (13)
MIDI Triggers for USB device foot control: Line 6 FBV Express Mk2 (1)
SCRIPT: Activate Google Chrome Tab for Specified URL (5)
Generating Placeholder Text - Specifying the Number of Paragraphs (18)
Here's a macro library to move windows with numeric keypad (16)
Spotify remote control (3)
Open Group of Files Using Paths Contained in Text File (1)
[FILE] Process Lines in Text File ( 2 ) (29)
Preview Clipboard (4)
Paste In Order Copied (15)
Copy TaskPaper line(s) containing cursor or selection (1)
Trigger Evernote Web Clipper [Example] (12)
Macro: Set Default Printer Based on Location (1)
Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “Delete Current File in Preview” Macro (7)
Change Color in Cultured Code Things (10)
Outlook Fix Copied Email Address (1)
Evernote “Copy Classic Note Link” Macro (3)
Convert Date String from One Format to Another [Example] (7)
Encapsulate similar into directory + Question (3)