Macro Library

Aliasing a File URL (1)
Open App Store Connect panels for previous day (1)
Floating screenshot (13)
Create New Evernote Note From Clipboard (1)
Change Browser "Search the Web" Macro Uses (5)
Preview (or "Validate") URL in Pop-Up Browser Window (without activating browser) (6)
MACRO: Convert Markdown to PDF File with Prompt for Parameters (3)
Support email wizard macro (4)
Scripting Apple Mail (17)
Macro/Script: Choose File Given Optional Parameters (1)
Evernote Mac Set Text Color Macro -- Deprecated (7)
MACRO: Move and Resize Windows In Any Quadrant, Half, or Full Screen (4)
Conditionally Remap ⌘T in Things (19)
Get Selected Items from Finder or PathFinder [Example] (5)
Create a macro to strip HTML tags from text (19)
KM8: Script to Get Plain Text from Comment Action (Rich Text) (1)
GUI for “Translate Shell” ( 2 ) (35)
Resize Columns in the Finder's List View -- Macro (20)
Signing documents with one key stroke using PDFPenPro (5)
Add Comment Action to Selected Macro with REF Info from KM Forum Post Info (4)
MACRO: Zip Multiple Files in Batches [Example] (1)
Enhanced Screenshot (7)
Move Front Window, Continuously Movements, Up, Down, Left, Right (1)
A multifunction paste macro (for clipboards, mail variables, case changes, URLs) (19)
Open Startup Disc (4)
Methods of Retrieving the Source Code of a Web Page (1)
Open the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log in the Console or BBEdit (1)
"Type To Siri" (7)
Easy Backup (Export) & Restore of Selected Macro (4)
Save Public IP Address to clipboard and paste (2)