Insert Today's Date

Why isn't there a simple macro to do this?

When I type a letter, I'd like to be able to insert today's date in this format: September 23, 2020.

Please help me. Thanks.

Moderator's note 2021/10/20 13:34 CDT

There is such a macro.

Insert Time and Date Macro

The applicable ICU date string is:

%ICUDateTime%MMMM dd, yyyy%

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As you say, this is a very simple macro, once that you can easily create.
It is best for you to create it, since different users may like different date formats.

All you need is one KM Action: Insert Text by Typing action.

In this Action, set the text field to the date format you want using ICU Dates and Times Token.

I could give you the answer, but I think you can easily figure it out yourself, and learn a lot in the process.

Let us know if you need more helpl.


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See Date From Typed String Macro for a comprehensive solution. In your case, you'd type any of the triggers available followed by td for today in the format of your preference. So you'd get May 2, 2020 when you type a comma followed by td for today.

Thanks for your prompt response. Never expected it. I’ll certainly try your suggestions. More later/soon. Ernie

Thanks for your prompt response, Mr. Pasini. Sorry I had to bother the “forum” with this but my masters degree is not doing me much good in figuring out KM tricks. The macros I’ve created have been mostly by hit-and-miss followed by extensive trial and error.

Way too much “goo” to read; too many options. It’s supposed to save us time, but the learning curve is though-the-roof. At least for me.

Thanks again.


The macro/action you want really is simple. If KM is just not "clicking" for you, let me know and I'll give you a PhD in KM (just kidding!!!). Really, if you don't quickly figure it out, post back and I'll help.

OK, here's the first lesson: How to Insert a Token into an Action:

See the ICU Dates and Times Token to get the format syntax to use.